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  1. physical practice of yoga to purify the body, Asana, Shatkarma and Pranayam, Mudra and Bandha, Samadhi
  2. Knowledge, thoughts, ideas, studying scriptures, being in the presence of other knowledge seekers
  3. equal breathing, sometimes inhale/exhale retention can be added
  4. Third eye (command place), childs pose, meditation, pineal gland, sense of intuition, Akasha (space) , intuition, imagination, self-reflection, interpretation, Excessive: headaches, nightmare, delusions, Deficient: poor memory, vision, denial, OM
  5. digestive fire
  6. Solar channel, wraps around the right nostril, left side of brain, sun, fire, masculine energy, crosses at third eye
  7. flows in all directions, all chakras
  8. energy channel
  9. Crown chakra (thousand petaled lotus), headstand, pituatary gland, Akasha (space) , awareness, wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, Excessive: overly intellectual, spiritual, confusion, Deficient:learning difficulties, limited beliefs, materialism, Silent OM
  10. Root Chakra, base of spine, Pose: Tadasana, Earth, grounding, nourishment, survival, excessive: greed, fear of change, obesity, deficient: underweight, fearful, anxious, poor focus, LAM
  11. Root lock, contracting perineum, lifting pelvic floor up, pubic and tail bone come toward each other, normal breathing, Apana Vayu back up, protect lower back, stabilizes lower abs, Muladhara Chakra
  12. energy of movement, wind composed of air& space, slender frame, fine hair, lighter features, light sleepers, Imbalances: anxiety, inability to focus, indigestion
  13. three elements found in the body
  14. debris (undigested food), precursor to disease
  15. base of throat to top of head, coughing, choking, hiccupping, vishuddha, ajna, sahasrara
  16. diaphragm to base of throat, regulates breathing, heart rate, circulation, related to anahata and vishuddha
  17. Heart chakra, (unstruck sound) heart, upper back, chest, backbends, thymus gland, organs of circulation, Air, love, relationships, compassion, Excessive: codependency, posessive, deficient: shy, lonely, isolated, YAM
  18. spring structure and lubrication, phlegm element, water and earth, heavier frame, oily skin, heavy sleepers, Imbalances: weight gain, too much congestion, always tired, lethargic
  19. Throat Chakra, poison free place, located at the throat, neck and jaw, shoulderstand, plough and fish, Ether, speech, thyroid, communication, self expression, creative identity, Excessive: talking, not listening, deficient: fear of speaking, aphasia, HAM
  20. science of life
  21. navel to diaphragm, digestion, assimilation, and balancing prana and apana, related to manipura
  22. Mind layer, made up of emotions, purified by Karma, bhakti, chanting
  23. Sacral Chakra, one's own abode, Pose: hip openers and forward bends, reproductive organs, Water, sexuality, self gratification, excessive: emotional, sex addiction, attachments, deficient: impotent, emotionally numb, VAM
  24. Flying up lock, lifting diaphragm up, contracting obliques and transverse abdominis, exhale retention, aids in jumping forward back, supporting spine and lower back, changing course of Apana Vayu, unites it with Prana and Samana, Manipura Chakra
  25. Bliss layer, purified by great bliss and Samadhi
  26. Food layer, the physical body, purified by vegetarian diet, asanas, and kriyas
  27. alternate nostril breathing, balances the hemispheres
  28. Cloud catching lock, contracting the neck and throat, lifting chest up to chin, inhale retention, catches prana in throat, shoulderstand and bridge pose, Vischudda Chakra
  29. sonic representation of the divine, trinity- A- waking, creator, Brahma, U-dreaming, Vishnu, sustenance, M-deep dreamless sleep, Shiva, destroyer, 4th is transcendental
  30. wind or air, subtle body circulatory/respiratory system
  31. Central channel, chakras run along this channel, from base of spine to crown of head
  32. skull shining breath, Kriya (cleansing), short , sharp exhalations, about 50 exhalations, excellent for sinus problems and increasing energy
  33. Pranic layer, vital/energy body, purified by pranayama
  34. Lunar channel, left nostril, right hemisphere of brain, moon, water, feminine energy
  35. Solar plexus, lustrous gem, middle back, upper belly, twisting poses, digestion, sight, Fire, power, self-definition, purpose, ego, excessive: dominating, controlling, aggressive, deficient: weak, poor self esteem, RAM
  36. navel to feet, urination, defecation, birth, menstrual, related to muladhara and svadisthana
  37. digestion and metabolism, bile element composed of fire and water, medium frame, warmer skin, determination, intensity, Imbalances: impatience, obsessive drive, heart burn, sarcasm
  38. victorious breath, in and out the nose, during Vinyasa, helps to calm,
  39. energy points in the body where the Nadis meet on Sushumna, they are like knots