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Positive, enthusiasm, clarity, communication, energy, ability to change, cosmic cheerleader, inspire, flexibility, sociability and scattered energy.


Motivated, generous, humanitarian, fun, dynamism, focused energy, determination, analyze and digest experiences, cheerfulness, organizing ability, leadership, charismatic, onstage, philanthropic, perseverance, diplomatic and good digestion.


Strength, ojas, stability, immunity, endurance, loving, sweet, affectionate, jovial, easy going, joyful, stability, plodding, methodical, forgiveness, steady, resilience, reserve, deliberate - can take aggressive treatment.

Prana Vata

Clear mind, perceive clearly and grounded thinking.

Udana Vata

Good motivation and will, energy to speak their mind when the 5th chakra is in balance.


Movement in the small intestine, peristalsis.

Apana Vata

Downward flow, related to the 2nd Chakra. What emotions are needed so emotional life is handled well. 2nd Chakra are lunar and venutian aspects such as, being able to draw abundance, money, beauty, art, fun. Lunar is emotional balance - back aches are money issues and abdominal pain is emotional issues. When Apana is out, often 2nd chakra is out.

Vyana Vata

Good microcirculation, nerve endings are fine and blood pressure is good.

Pachaka Pitta

Cooks the food well.

Ranjaka Pitta

Colors the blood, not anemic, cholesterol good, sugar metabolism good (if no meda). Usually related to 3rd Chakra.

Sadhaka Pitta

Contentment, fulfillment, heart is in what they are doing. One is doing their dharma. Related to the 4th Chakra.

Alochaka Pitta

Good eyesight, intuition.

Bhrajaka Pitta

Skin glowing, pure ojas

Kledaka Kapha

Stomach lubricated, good digestion, no heavy waterlogged feeling after eating.

Avalambaka Kapha

Feeling supported emotionally and financially.

Bohdaka Kapha

Tongue and throat. More pleasant speech, not dry and raspy.

Tarpaka Kapha

Head, sinuses and cerebrospinal fluid. Integrate spiritual learnings and insights. Related to 6th and 7th chakras. 6th chakra is intuition and 7th chakra is integration.

Sleshaka Kapha

Good joints, adequate lubrication in the joints so protected from osteoarthritis in old age.

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