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Definition of Title

Song of the Lord

It is the Indian text familiar to the ____


The Bhagavad-Gita is a part of what book?


How many chapters does BG have?


How many verses does BG have?


Mahabharata is the great ____ epic that narrates the story of the ____ ____


Great War

The sons of the Pandu


The sons of King Dhrtarastra


What is the relationship between Pandu and King Dhrtarastra?

Half Brothers

Why does Arjuna not fight during the battle?

He sees that he has friends and family on both sides of the battle.

Who says this quote: "Which is worse, to win the war or to lose it? Is this real compassion I feel or only a delusion?"


Who is blind in this story?

King Dhrtarastra

How many people speak during BG?


Who speaks in the beginning of the story?

King Dhrtarastra

Who narrates the story?


Who are the two main characters of the story?

Arjuna and Krishna

Who wins the war?

The Pandus.

The BG is often considered the what of India?


Krishna is an incarnation of who?


What is dharma?

One's scared duty.



What is reincarnation?

The rebirth of a soul in a body


The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Who is Krishna?

8th and most important incarnation of Vishnu.

Who is Arjuna?

The warrior prince to whom Krishna explains the nature of being, of God, and how humans can come to know God

Whose Drona?

A royal guru to Kauravas and the Pandavas. Also the master of advanced military arts.

Who's Duryodhana?

The eldest son of the blind King Dhrtarastra

Whose Yudihisthira?

The eldest son of King Pandu

What is a Warrior's "sacred duty"?

His ultimate mission


Meditation/A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline

Whose King Dhrtarastra?

The blind King of Hastinapur. Father of the Kauravas.

Whose Pandu?

Other King of Hastinpur. Father of the Pandavas.

How many sons does Pandu have?


How many sons does Dhrtarastra have?


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