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"The Future of Data Visualization" - Jeffrey Heer (Strata + Hadoop 2015) "The Emerging Age of Data-Driven Policy Design" - Solomon Hsiang (Strata + Hadoop 2015) Francine Bennett: "What's the Big Deal About City Data?" - Strata Europe 2014 Closing the Data-Loop - Daniel Koffler SAS® Visual Analytics - An Overview Rich Ghiossi interviewed at Strata 2014 Strata 2014: Farrah Bostic, "People are Data Too" Enterprise Big Data Hub & the Federal Government How to position yourself as a Data Scientist Distributed Environmental Data: On the Ground at the Data Sensing Lab Strata 2013: Kate Crawford, "Algorithmic Illusions: Hidden Biases of Big Data" Strata 2013: Yael Garten, "Big Data on Small Devices: Data Science goes Mobile" Pete Skomoroch interviewed at Strata Santa Clara 2013 Barry Fischer interviewed at Strata Santa Clara 2013 Joydeep Das interviewed at Strata Santa Clara 2013 Dean Wampler interviewed at Strata Santa Clara 2013 Blake Connell - VMware - Interviewed at Strata Santa Clara 2013 Strata 2013: Rajat Taneja, "Video Games: The Biggest Big Data Challenge" Explaining Big Data What is Hadoop? Other big data terms like MapReduce? Cloudera's CEO talks us through big data trendshow to embed a video by VideoLightBox.com v3.1