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  1. A pipe set in gravel running continuously along a buildings foundation is also known as ___________ .
  2. In the garage, water heaters in the path of a vehicle should be protected by _______ .
  3. The minimum clear width for a toilet is ______inches.
  4. A ________ union installed between copper and galvanized pipe will prevent corrosion.
  5. In the garage, water heaters should be raised above the floor ______ inches.
  6. Type M copper pipe has ____ color printing on it.
  7. Laundry stand pipes should be a minimum of ____ inches in heigh.
  8. The minimum horizontal support spacing for 3/4" steel pipe is ___ feet.
  9. The maximum trap seal depth is ____ inches.
  10. When a pressure regulator creates a "closed system" there should be a _______ installed at the water heater.
  11. The minimum air gap between the faucet outlet and the flood level rim of a bathroom sink is ___ inches.
  12. What type of pipe has the least amount of friction loss?
  13. When a fixture is above the sewer elevation and below the manhole elevation is should drain through a __________ valve.
  14. Pipe corrosion from copper and galvanized pipe contacting each other is know as _______ .
  15. In a shower the non-absorbent wall finish should extend a minimum of _______ inches above the drain.
  16. A "Durham" system of piping uses cast iron and _________ pipe.
  17. PVC & ABS horizontal drain pipe supports should be a minimum of ___ feet apart.
  18. Type ___ is the thinnest copper pipe.
  19. Electric water heaters must have a __________ within site of the tank.
  20. What is the minimum number if inches a vent pipe can extend out of the roof?
  21. Drains transitioning from _________ to horizontal require the most gradual bend.
  22. The minimum trap seal depth is ____ inches.
  23. In the bathroom a _________ would require a vacuum breaker.
  24. Water heaters should have ______ installed within 12 inches of the tank.
  25. The minimum diameter for a washing machine stand pipe is _____ inches.
  26. What type of pipe is most likely to fail due to defects?
  27. Flexible gas line connectors for a water heater would not be longer than ____ feet.
  28. Water heater temperature and pressure relief valves must be located in the upper ___ inches of the tank
  29. What type of pipe can't be used in indoor water distribution?
  30. Waste drain pipes should have a minimum slope of _____ inch per foot.