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  1. The chimney must be how far above anything within 10 feet
  2. Handrails in a single family home should be how far above the stair nosing
  3. Notches in load bearing studs can only be.....
  4. How thick can notches be in the center 3rd of the joist?
  5. The safest door lock arrangement is.....
  6. Support for an attic furnace or air handler must work with....
  7. Cabinets should be how far above a cook top?
  8. What kind of window glazing will have a "bug" in the corner?
  9. What type of cracks are most concerning in a home?
  10. What do purlins do for rafters?
  11. Foundation drainage tile should have the holes in what direction?
  12. Recommended spacing for anchor bolts on a single story home is....
  13. Notches at the end of a joist should not exceed ____ the joist depth
  14. Type of siding notorious for moisture entrapment?
  15. Where can you put holes in a TGI?
  16. Maximum sill height for escape/rescue windows in a bedroom is......
  17. Anchored brick veneer requires....
  18. What roofing lumber must be "2X" lumber?
  19. The minimum bearing surface of horizontal wood members on a wood sill or beam is...
  20. Horizontal or diagonal bracing members of a truss are called?
  21. "Post tensioned" foundation is typically what type?
  22. The tallest riser in a set of stairs shouldn't exceed the shortest by more than
  23. A chimney must penetrate the roof at least....
  24. Stucco walls should have a __________ __________ at the bottom with 4 inches of soil clearance
  25. How much must floor joists over lap above a support beam?
  26. Deck guard rails are required when the deck surface is greater than.....