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  1. 6 feet
  2. 1-1/2 inches
  3. 2 feet
  4. Not more than 25%
  5. The truss manufacturer specs
  6. Valley rafters
  7. Only in the web
  8. Weep holes
  9. 34-38 inches
  10. EIFS
  11. 3/8 inch
  12. Web bracing
  13. Monolithic
  14. 3 inches
  15. Weep screed
  16. 30 inches
  17. 44 inches
  18. 30 inches above the ground
  19. 25%
  20. 3 feet
  21. Notches are not allowed in the center 3rd
  22. Provide mid-span support
  23. No key to exit
  24. Horizontal cracks
  25. Tempered glass
  26. Down
  1. a The tallest riser in a set of stairs shouldn't exceed the shortest by more than
  2. b Notches in load bearing studs can only be.....
  3. c What do purlins do for rafters?
  4. d Support for an attic furnace or air handler must work with....
  5. e Horizontal or diagonal bracing members of a truss are called?
  6. f The minimum bearing surface of horizontal wood members on a wood sill or beam is...
  7. g Handrails in a single family home should be how far above the stair nosing
  8. h Foundation drainage tile should have the holes in what direction?
  9. i Type of siding notorious for moisture entrapment?
  10. j The chimney must be how far above anything within 10 feet
  11. k What type of cracks are most concerning in a home?
  12. l What roofing lumber must be "2X" lumber?
  13. m How much must floor joists over lap above a support beam?
  14. n The safest door lock arrangement is.....
  15. o Notches at the end of a joist should not exceed ____ the joist depth
  16. p Anchored brick veneer requires....
  17. q Maximum sill height for escape/rescue windows in a bedroom is......
  18. r Recommended spacing for anchor bolts on a single story home is....
  19. s A chimney must penetrate the roof at least....
  20. t Deck guard rails are required when the deck surface is greater than.....
  21. u Cabinets should be how far above a cook top?
  22. v What kind of window glazing will have a "bug" in the corner?
  23. w "Post tensioned" foundation is typically what type?
  24. x How thick can notches be in the center 3rd of the joist?
  25. y Stucco walls should have a __________ __________ at the bottom with 4 inches of soil clearance
  26. z Where can you put holes in a TGI?