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  1. 30 inches
  2. Drain trap
  3. Heat exchanger
  4. Strip heaters
  5. Warm
  6. 6 feet
  7. If the right size pipe is used
  8. Accumulator and reversing valve
  9. 500
  10. 22 degrees
  11. 1/8" per foot
  12. Ice up
  13. Low
  14. Refrigerant could super heat and damage the compressor
  15. 12 inches
  16. 50 feet
  17. The larger lines
  18. Evaporator coils
  19. A window is cracked open
  20. Additional switch
  21. Warmer
  22. Model number
  23. Duct leakage
  24. Revers direction
  25. Larger ducts
  1. a In normal operation the air above a condensing unit should be....
  2. b The electrical disconnect for an outside A/C unit must be in line of sight and within...
  3. c Condensation drain lines can drain into fixture tail pieces upstream from a...
  4. d The tonnage of the compressing unit is ussually found as a number divisible by twelve in the
  5. e An A/C unit in a transom window above a door is required to have an.....
  6. f A temperature change in the conditioned air that is too low may indicate....
  7. g In a split system A/C unit what portion is on the indoors
  8. h Horizontal condensation tubes must have a slope of at least...
  9. i The evaporative coil should be downstream from the....
  10. j The removable side of the condenser requires how much working space?
  11. k Compared to the ambient air the small liquid line should be...
  12. l What happens if the suction line is uninsulated?
  13. m What does a heat pump have that a split A/C unit does not have?
  14. n In a heat pump the liquid in the small line will....
  15. o A 240-volt through wall/window A/C cord may not be longer than....
  16. p A heat only system converted to have A/C may need....
  17. q A heat pump should supply air around 120. Anything lower ussually means the outside temp is too
  18. r Conditioned air should have a different temp between 16 & ....
  19. s If you turn up a heat pump thermostat the ________. __________ will probably also turn on
  20. t Which refrigerant lines should not be insulated?
  21. u Evaporative coolers work best when....
  22. v When can condensation drains be joined together?
  23. w In a humid climate one ton of A/C is good for how many square feet?
  24. x The minimum distance of the condenser to the wall is.....
  25. y When operating normally a heat pump outdoor coil may occasionally.....