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  1. 3 inches
  2. 5 inches
  3. Poor installation of penetration flashing
  4. Modified bitumen
  5. 12 inches
  6. 2:12
  7. Visible undersides of shakes, should see felt
  8. 4:12
  9. Bird stops
  10. Foam roofs
  11. 10 inches
  12. Vertical portion
  13. Wood shingles
  14. Trapped gases
  15. Sheet metal roof
  16. Stains in sheathing and rafters
  1. a What is commonly used under the starter course of a tile roof
  2. b Minimum slope for a wood shake roof is.....
  3. c Each course of 24 inch wood shakes should have an exposure of.....
  4. d New tile roofs most commonly leak due to
  5. e Each course of 16 inch shingles should have an exposure of.....
  6. f A standing seam is used in what type of roof?
  7. g Minimum lap for tile shingles is.....
  8. h Evidence in an attic of a defect in a wood shingle roof
  9. i Blisters on a built up roof means....
  10. j What type of roof acts as an insulation system as well as a roof material
  11. k What type of roof might use a torch?
  12. l Evidence in an attic of a defect to a wood shake roof would be....
  13. m On a three ply roof how far apart do the seams need to be?
  14. n Minimum slope of an asphalt shingled roof
  15. o Asphalt shingles can be laid over the top of.....
  16. p Coping should be attached to the.....