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  1. 1 1/4
  2. 36 inches
  3. 4B
  4. 22 x 30
  5. Compressor
  6. 3
  7. Inadequate insulation and ventilation
  8. 212
  9. Expansive
  10. Blue
  11. Wind
  12. 4 inches and 25 feet
  13. Neutral and ground
  14. 300 square feet
  15. 125% of nameplating rating
  16. Loose brick ties
  17. 20 x 24 - 5.7 square feet
  18. 24
  19. Cleanout
  20. Walls
  21. Gusset plate
  22. Air flow and leaking refrigerant
  23. 10 feet
  24. 1/2 nonferrous and 5/8 ferrous
  25. Food Waste Disposers
  26. Aluminum branch circuit
  27. 34-38 inches
  28. B
  29. 48 inches
  30. c
  31. You never add amps
  32. Delaminated plywood sheathing
  33. 1G
  34. R-value
  35. Fan/Limit switch
  36. Trimmer
  37. Commode
  38. e
  39. C
  40. Mud jacking
  41. Shade
  42. client
  43. 2/12
  44. 20 front and 12 side
  45. 28 to 30 psi
  46. D
  47. Receptacle
  48. 35
  49. 5F
  50. Flat roof
  51. High
  52. 60 cycles per second
  53. Carbon dioxide and water vapor
  54. 1 inch
  55. a
  56. 6 inches
  57. Cross connection
  58. 1J
  59. Sag and 1/2 inches
  60. 5.7 square feet
  61. Copper
  62. Leaking seal
  63. 30 inches
  64. 1950
  65. Armored cable
  66. Yellow tipped flames at a gas burner
  67. P-trap
  68. Bottom
  69. #8
  70. 2 to 3 psi
  71. 10
  72. Ohms
  73. Butterfly
  74. Burner and circulating pump
  75. 5C
  76. 6 and 10
  77. 5G
  78. 4 inches
  79. M
  80. Incomplete combustion
  81. False
  82. Vinyl
  83. Center
  84. Tempered glass
  85. 4C
  86. 15
  87. 115-120 degrees
  88. Romex
  89. Shed
  90. 5H
  91. 3 inches
  92. Complete and incomplete
  93. 3 feet
  94. Too flexible
  95. Properly sloped
  96. Class A
  97. A
  98. 12
  99. 3/4
  100. moist air
  101. 12 and 12
  102. 80
  103. 3/16
  104. 13% and 19%
  105. Ridge board
  106. 1K
  107. 2A
  108. 6
  109. 6 feet
  110. 16 and 24
  111. 4
  112. 2B
  113. Movement
  114. 7 feet
  115. 7 feet 6 inches
  116. Serious
  117. 40
  118. Subfloor and joists
  119. 2 and 4
  120. Carbon monoxide
  121. Composition board
  122. 5 feet
  123. Programming
  124. Should
  125. Evaporator unit and condensing unit
  126. 1D
  127. 2 and 9
  128. True
  129. Suction
  130. 1C
  131. 6 inches and 10 feet
  132. 6/12
  133. Windows
  134. #8 minimum and #6 maximum
  135. Cooperate
  136. Minimum
  137. Both
  138. High water pressure
  139. Roll roofing
  140. 19
  141. Evaporator coil
  142. Reverse Polarity
  143. Blocked flue
  144. 3 ply
  145. 50 cfm - 5% - 1.5 square feet
  146. 22 x 24
  147. 50 feet
  148. Yes
  149. Horizontal Cast Iron Piping
  150. Loose fill insulation
  151. 5D
  152. Oily smoke smells or soot
  153. Aluminum tube
  154. 4 feet
  155. 8
  156. 3A
  157. 12 feet
  158. 12 inches
  159. b
  160. Crawl Space
  161. Away from the house
  162. Cracks
  163. 6 feet or 900 square feet
  164. 36 inches x 36 inches
  165. Dedicated
  166. 5A
  167. 1 1/4 inches
  168. 30
  169. Ceiling side
  170. Visual
  171. 1
  172. 20
  173. 25
  174. 2 inches and 4 inches
  175. 2
  176. 1/16 inches
  177. d
  178. Egress
  179. Bright orange or yellowish white
  180. 18 feet
  181. 5-8
  182. Subfloor
  183. Felt paper
  184. Heat Pump
  185. Neutral and grounding
  186. BW
  187. Beams
  188. No
  189. Hip
  1. a What is the purpose of the accumulator in a heat pump?

    A. Keep liquids out of the compressor
    B. Reduce air flow in coil
    C. Keep dirt out of the compressor
  2. b A single or double beam, joist, or rafter to which a header is nailed in framing for a chimney, stairway or other opening

    I am a...?
  3. c The passage way to appliances in an attic must be at least ____ inches wide and floored.

    - 30
    - 22
    - 18
    - 24
  4. d
    How many bearing points do trusses have?
  5. e Upon a call for heat for the thermostat, which components of a newer hydronic boiler are activated simultaneously?
  6. f The National Energy Act of January 1, 1994 requires all commodes manufactured for residential use to have a capacity of no more than ____ gallons per flush.

    a. 1.6
    b. 1.2
    c. 1.4
    d. 1.8
  7. g In a _____ system, the purpose of the condenser is to remove the heat from the refrigerant passing through the copper tubing.
  8. h The drip edge is installed over the ____ _____ or over at the rake.
  9. i A Professional Real Estate Inspector must have how many hours of continuing education each year?

    a. 8
    b. 12
    c. 4
    d. 16
  10. j The 3 main controls on a furnace are:

    A. The thermostat, the limit control, and the pump control
    B. The thermostat, the primary control, and the thermocouple
    C. The thermostat, the limit control and the fan control
  11. k Forcing, under pressure, a material that will raise a concrete product to provide a proper pitch is called ____________.
  12. l
    Describe a French drain or dry well:

    A. A gravel pit that accepts waste from the plumbing system

    B. A buried gravel pit designed to allow water to accumulate quickly and dissipate slowly by soaking into the soil

    C. Can be used instead of a septic system
  13. m The defrost cycle is initiated by _________________ and __________________.
    a. Homeowner and temperature
    b. Time and temperature
    c. Time and humidity
    d. Temperature and humidity
  14. n Wall furnace vent is what type?

    BW or W
  15. o The function of the barometric damper is to:

    A. Prevent backdrafting
    B. Cool flue
    C. Provide combustion air
    D. Provide draft regulation
  16. p Dishwashers
  17. q What color are the flames in an oil burner?
  18. r Vent pipes shall not be less than _____ inches.
  19. s Resistance is measure in ____.
  20. t What detail should be present in brick veneer walls
    to ensure that accumulated moisture is adequately
    a. Wall ties.
    b. Head flashing.
    c. Weep holes.
    d. Drip cap.
  21. u A gas vent can enter the chimney a minimum of _____ inches from the bottom
  22. v _______ Feet is the maximum length cord for swimming pool equipment.
  23. w How many inches of hearth extension for a fireplace greater than 6 square feet?
  24. x Legal action can be taken up to _____ years after the incident; a complaint must be filed up to _____ years after the incident for payment out of the recovery fund.
  25. y The conductor wire should be _______ above grade and driveways.
  26. z A plumbing vent has to extend at least ___ above the roof and be at least ___ from a window.
  27. aa Water Heating Equipment
  28. ab How much water does clay absorb per hour?
  29. ac What is the minimum size of an emergency egress window?
  30. ad What is the maximum flexible cord length for a plug connected kitchen waste disposal?
  31. ae A flexible appliance connector can be cut.

    True or False
  32. af The dip tube of a water heater brings the cold water to the Top or the Bottom of the tank?
  33. ag The _______ wire (white) and the _________ wire must be on separate grounding bars.
  34. ah Plumbing drainpipes must have a ______ inch(es) slope per running foot
  35. ai If a person's license is expired for more than one year, he or she may not renew the license.
  36. aj Water is heated to a boiling point of ___ degrees.
  37. ak The vapor barrier in the ceiling under the attic should be on the ___________ of the insulation
  38. al How many feet of tile must you have on shower walls?

    - 4 feet
    - 6 feet
  39. am Should home inspectors report inside locks and latches that do not work?
  40. an The BX cable is also called...
  41. ao What is the normal operating pressure of a steam boiler?
  42. ap
    Defects most likely found in drywall can normally be associated with:
    a. Moisture
    b. Too few nails
    c. Improper framing or use of damp wood
    d. Poor installation
    e. all of the above
  43. aq At what pressure would the pressure relief valve open on a forced hot water boiler?
  44. ar Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens
  45. as ___ ______ is the minimum and ___ ______ is the maximum water depth to seal P traps
  46. at The minimum breaker size for a clothes dryer is _____ amps.
  47. au Any receptacle within _____ feet on a wet bar must be GFCI protected.
  48. av Air bubbles coming from the pool return indicates a leak in the _____ side of the pump.
  49. aw If an inspector has knowledge of a possible violation of the rules of TREC, the inspector ______ report the possible violation to the Texas Real estate Commission.

    - Should
    - Should not
  50. ax Service Entrance and Panels
  51. ay What is the proper strapping requirement for ductwork?

    - 6 feet
    - 4 feet
  52. az To prevent back-drafting at chimney, an open return should be within _______. If not, it will be reported as a safety hazard.
  53. ba
    [Plumbing] What type of trap is approved under modern code?
  54. bb How far can the disconnect be for the outside A/C unit?
  55. bc If the neutral and hot wires are reversed at a receptacle, this condition referred is called:
  56. bd Nonmetallic, sheathed cabled (Romex) should not be pulled tightly across bends.

    Yes or No
  57. be The water heater should be set between ________ to save energy and avoid burns.
  58. bf What A/C component functions to put refrigerant gas under a high pressure?

    - Compressor
    - Condenser
    - Expansion Device
    - Evaporator
  59. bg A/C condensate drain line must be a minimum ______ inch.
  60. bh Carbon monoxide, pure Carbon, and aldehyde are all results of a ___________________.
  61. bi The minimum breaker size for a range is _____ amps.
  62. bj A 20 amp receptacle would require a number ____ aluminum wire.
  63. bk There is no _____ distance for rafters
  64. bl How far does the light globe in the closet have to be from the wall?
  65. bm Inspectors must maintain a ________ standard of professionalism.

    - Low
    - Open
    - Medium
    - High
  66. bn Horizontal cracks are _______
  67. bo Roof Structures & Attics
  68. bp
    What copper pipe is the lightest?
  69. bq The minimum sized bond wire for a hydrotherapy tub is _____ AWG
  70. br ____ inches is the minimum and ____ inches is the maximum a shower pan depth can be?
  71. bs
    If you see a brick veneer wall with a bow in it you can expect to see _________________.
  72. bt Doors
  73. bu Inspectors should always be thinking of the:

    - Next inspections
    - Third party
    - Themselves
    - Client
  74. bv The purpose for the ventilation process is to remove _____ ___ from the home.
  75. bw What size wire should go to the grounding rod maximum and minimum?
  76. bx How many feet of tile must you have on shower walls?

    __ ____ or ______ _______ ______
  77. by What size must the landing at the front door be?
  78. bz A bathroom must have either an _____ cfm exhaust fan or a _______% operable window with a minimum of ______ square feet.

    Answer: 50 cfm - 5% - 1.5 square feet
  79. ca What is the minimum size drain for a bathroom sink?
  80. cb The required air gap between the water discharge level and the float on an evaporator cooler is

    - 1 inch
    - 2 inches
    - 3 inches
    - 4 inches
  81. cc Any fixture that weighs over _____ pounds shall be supported independently from the outlet box
  82. cd Alternating Current means: Electrons move back and forth through power lines at a frequency of _________________.
  83. ce ___________________ is vulnerable because sewer gas can eat through the top of the pipe.
  84. cf Mechanical Exhaust Vents and Bathroom Heaters
  85. cg How many feet of clearance by the overhead service drop does the NEC require over driveways and pedestrian areas?
  86. ch ___________________________ is a sign of too much moisture in the attic.
  87. ci
    What is the maximum the balusters can be on railings?
  88. cj What type of roof is often inadequately ventilated

    - one over a cathedral
    - vaulted ceiling
    - both
  89. ck _________________ has the lowest R-value.
  90. cl What is the maximum flexible cord length for a plug connected dishwasher?
  91. cm 1 square foot for every _____________ is the amount of free vent space for an attic.
  92. cn
    In the AC cycle liquid turns to gas while coming out of the _______________
  93. co How many inches must a girder rest?
  94. cp Which of the following is not part of the roof framework?
    - scissors truss
    - collar ties
    - ridge board
    - rafters
  95. cq What color should the flames be in a properly lit gas burner?
  96. cr Garage Door Operators
  97. cs 5B
  98. ct This type of siding becomes brittle in cold weather...
  99. cu An inspector has _____ business days to report TREC a change of address
  100. cv Dryer Exhaust Systems
  101. cw Blue water in a tub facet is caused by a malfunctioning _____ ballcock
  102. cx Heating Equipment
  103. cy According to the Standards, what kind of inspection is an electrical system inspection?
  104. cz What two wires should be separated in a sub-panel?
  105. da To rid hot water smelling like eggs, replace magnesium anode tube with an ______________
  106. db
    The ____________ of the thermostat can be lost if the batteries are low and the inspector turns off the heating unit safety switch.
  107. dc _____ carry floor and wall loads horizontally to foundation.
  108. dd _____ occurs when expansive clay soil dry & shrink at the foundation perimeter causing the foundation to settle.
  109. de A hallway must have a _________ if it is longer than 10 feet.
  110. df This roof has a single slope slanting in one direction.
  111. dg Fireplaces & Chimneys
  112. dh Lead paint are in homes that were built before what year?
  113. di
    What contributes to ice damming?

    - too much snow
    - improper pitch
    - inadequate insulation and ventilation
  114. dj ______ is the most commonly used piping today as the main service pipe from public water supplies.
  115. dk
    The _______ is a number that represents an insulation material's resistance to heat flow per inch of thickness. An ________ is the total heat resistance for a given thickness of insulation.
    [One Answer]
  116. dl What are the two main components of an air-cooled air conditioning system?
  117. dm The minimum breaker size for a water heater is _____ amps.

    Answer: 125% of nameplating rating
  118. dn When the chimney is wider than _________, a cricket should be installed
  119. do Grade should have a _ inch fall within the first __ feet.
  120. dp Which is a deficiency?

    - High water pressure
    - Low water pressure
    - Both
  121. dq How many feet should the conductor wire be above roads and parking areas?
  122. dr A gas vent can enter the chimney a minimum of how many inches from the bottom?
  123. ds Negative pressure and a ____________ may cause a fireplace to smoke.
  124. dt A built-up roof has a 9" overlap. How many ply exist?

    - 6
    - 3
    - 2
    - 4
  125. du How many inches (height in. x width in.) should the perimeter wall opening be.
  126. dv The _______________ shuts off the burners if the furnace overheats
  127. dw Pipes are not ________________ if there is a loud banging or knocking just after the steam boiler fires.
  128. dx 1E
  129. dy What is the minimum size of ferrous grounding rod must be?
  130. dz Inspectors should _________ with other inspectors.

    - Argue
    - Compete
    - Ignore
    - Cooperate
  131. ea A swimming pool junction panel must be at least _____ inches above the water level of the pool.
  132. eb Weep holes should be how many inches in diameter?
  133. ec Incomplete combustion and possible carbon monoxide producing can be identified by...
  134. ed How far from the tub must a plug be?
  135. ee What condition would indicate an oil burner needs an adjustment?
  136. ef Step cracks in the mortar joints, if they are wider at the top of a brick wall, is an indication that _____ of the soil is occurring.
  137. eg The flooring system is __________ if you see cracked natural tiles such as slate or stone.
  138. eh What kind of window is required if a basement is being used as a bedroom?
  139. ei
    Asphalt shingles can be installed on pitches as low as ____ if the roof is first covered with two layers of non-perforated saturated felt paper.
  140. ej Safety glazing includes _____________ which shatters into small, smooth edged rectangular cubes upon impact.
  141. ek Minimum dimensions of a window in a sleeping room are ______ or _______ to equal ______

    Answer: 20 x 24 - 5.7 square feet
  142. el What are the two types of combustions?
  143. em 1H
  144. en Which roof is the steepest:
    - 2/12
    - 6/12
  145. eo Ceiling drywall can ___ if is less than __________ thick.
  146. ep Which is used as branch circuit wiring in most modern homes?
    - Romex
    - BX
    - Knob & Tube wiring
  147. eq Range Hood and Exhaust Systems
  148. er The service outlet in the attic shall be accessible on the same level and not more than ____ feet from the equipment.
  149. es What psi should you begin to get concerned about possible damage to the water supply fixtures?
  150. et _____inches X inches _____ is the minimum access opening of a gas meter
  151. eu What kind of circuit is needed for a new dryer outlet?
  152. ev Drains, Wastes, and Vents
  153. ew A ___________ can be accessed as long as there is 18in. x 24in. clearance
  154. ex How high must a ceiling be in a kitchen?
  155. ey A whole drilled through a joist for plumbing or electrical should be located at/in the:

    - Any location
    - Bottom
    - Top
    - Center
  156. ez Roof Covering Materials
  157. fa
    What is the piece called that holds a truss together?
  158. fb This roof has two opposite slopes sloping inward toward the center of the roof
  159. fc When waste water can be siphoned into the water supply system, it is called __________________.
  160. fd Porches, Balconies, Decks, and Carports
  161. fe Which roof covering typically has the shortest lifetime?

    - cement tile
    - metal roofing
    - roll roofing
    - Single-ply membrane
  162. ff What size duct and what is the maximum length for a dryer vent?
  163. fg A plug-sealed extension at the sewer outlet which is unplugged when work needs to be performed on the sewer lines. What am I?
  164. fh How many milli-amps to trip a GFCI outlet?
  165. fi Wood has to be between ___ and ___ to be solidified.
  166. fj
    If a suction line is frosting up it could be due to improper ________ and/or ___________________
  167. fk
    What contributes to mold or moss growth on the exterior of a home?
  168. fl Squeaks in flooring are caused by a poor connection between the _________________.
  169. fm What are the results of complete combustion?
  170. fn Fiberglass shingles most common defect is:
  171. fo What type of siding has the least ability to hold paint over long periods of time?
  172. fp 60 amps with a 60 amperage rating is so because __________________.
  173. fq This roof style has a slope on all four sides, either meeting in a peak or a ridge line:
  174. fr What size is the access into an attic with equipment?

    ___ inches x ___ inches
  175. fs 1/4 inch plywood would not be a suitable material for a ________.
  176. ft _____ exerts the least stress on a foundation.
  177. fu Discoloration, moisture, or cloudiness between the lights of an insulated glass window are signs of a ______________.
  178. fv A proper pitch for a patio pitched ___________________.
  179. fw Yellow-tipped flames at a gas burner are signs of _______________.
  180. fx Branch Circuits, Connected Devices, and Fixtures
  181. fy What is the acceptable distance between the tread of a stairway and its handrail?
  182. fz You will most likely see ponding around drain because of inadequate or clogged drain system on what kind of roof?
  183. ga KD-19 wood is dried to a moisture content of what percent or less?

    - 21
    - 10
    - 16
  184. gb How high must a ceiling be in bedrooms and living areas?
  185. gc How many wires are there from street to house on a 240 volt system?
  186. gd If you are found guilty of inspecting a property without a license, what class would your misdemeanor be?

    - Class B
    - Class F
    - Class A
  187. ge The 10 foot drop for from wire to balcony should be ______ away
  188. gf The customer needs to contact an electrician if what kind of wiring is found?
  189. gg A built-up roof having a lap joint every 12 inches is a:

    - 3 ply
    - 6 ply
    - 2 ply
    - 4 ply