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Minimum slope of an asphalt shingled roof

Wood shingles

Asphalt shingles can be laid over the top of.....

5 inches

Each course of 16 inch shingles should have an exposure of.....

10 inches

Each course of 24 inch wood shakes should have an exposure of.....

Stains in sheathing and rafters

Evidence in an attic of a defect in a wood shingle roof


Minimum slope for a wood shake roof is.....

Visible undersides of shakes, should see felt

Evidence in an attic of a defect to a wood shake roof would be....

Poor installation of penetration flashing

tile roofs most commonly leak due to

3 inches

Minimum lap for tile shingles is.....

Bird stops

What is commonly used under the starter course of a tile roof

Sheet metal roof

A standing seam is used in what type of roof?

12 inches

On a three ply roof how far apart do the seams need to be?

Modified bitumen

What type of roof might use a torch?

Trapped gases

Blisters on a built up roof means....

Foam roofs

What type of roof acts as an insulation system as well as a roof material

Vertical portion

Coping should be attached to the.....

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