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Low efficiency

Forced air furnace with an open draft hood and open burners is considered.....

Push the combustion gases through the heat exchanger

A fan downstream from the heat exchanger is intended to


Low efficiency furnace could be located in the.....

20 feet

Te max distance from the attic access to an attic furnace is...


A furnace in an interior closet can have it's lower and upper combustion air sources vented to the.....

Defendant on the manufacturers instructions

Minimum clearance of a "B" vent to a combustible material is...

12 inches above the roof

Minimum height for a "B" vent penetrating the roof is

8 feet

A "B" vent termination must be at least 2 feet higher than any wall within...

Gas to air mixture

The Venturi on a gas burner controls the....


All gas forced air furnaces must have a safety device that shuts off the gas in the event the pilot goes out called a.....

Within sight of the furnace

Every forced air furnace must have an electrical disconnect....

Type "L"

Oil burning appliance vents are usually vented with what type of pipe?

160 degrees

Typical minimum temp on a hydronic heating system is.....


Sight glass is not found in hydronic heating systems, but is found in what other type?

Temperature gauge

Hydronic heating systems do have something that is not found in steam systems?

12 inches

How much clearance does a wall furnace need?

6 inches

A floor furnace needs how much clearance to soil?

6 inches

Floor-register type furnace can't be closer to the wall than...

Permanent duct

Flexible dryer vents are only allowed between the dryer and a...

Dryer ducts

An operable back-draft damper is required on....

Open a door or window

Before operating a whole house fan you should....

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