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Pressure of electricity


Resistance of electricity


Work of electricity


Electron movement

125 amp service

#2 copper wire is rated for....

36 inches

Clearance in front of the main electrical panel must be at least.....

#8 wire

Minimum size of the grounding electrode must be a

Grounding electrode

What should be bonded to the service neutral


Proper size wire for a water heater on a 30 amp breaker


What size aluminum wire should be used with a 40 amp breaker

Limit damage from a lightning

Main purpose of sending the grounding electrode to the earth is to


Multiple wire 120 volt circuits must have how many volts between the two hot conductors

UF cable

What type of cable can be buried under ground

4.5 feet

Non-metallic sheathed cable should be secured at intervals no more than every

Within 12 feet

Cables entering the junction box must be secured how close to the box

6 feet

NM or AC cable across ceiling joists in an attic must be protected within how many feet of the attic access

4 feet

On a counter the max distance between receptacles is.....

Install a GFCI with nothing on it's ground

When replacing a living room receptacle where no grounding means is present you can

Six or more risers

Three way switches are required on stair with....

GFCI protection for all 120 volt outlets

Swimming pool wiring methods include....

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