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  1. Athletes are more likely than the general population to engage in drug use of all types, mainly because the "rugged" image encourages risk-taking behaviorF


  2. Successful therapy requires improving the environment of the drug-using adolescentT


  3. Alcohol is closely related to almost every type of sexual abuse in which adolescents are victimizedT


  4. Men are twice as likely as women to get lung cancer when smoking the same amount of cigarettes over the same periodF


  5. Studies have shown that athletes are less likely than non-althletes to use drugs of abuse such as marijuana, alcohol, barbiturates, cocaine, and hallucinogensT


  6. Nearly 3 million college students are injured under the influence of alcoholF


  7. Alcohol is closely related to almost every type of sexual abuse in which adolescents are victimized.F


  8. Approximately 14% of NCAA Division I athletes use some kind of drug to increase competitive performanceF


  9. Regarding recent HIV cases, 29% result from intravenous drug use and the sharing of needlesT


  10. Women comprise 50% of all alcoholics in AmericaT


  11. A negative correlation exists between alcohol use and grades in college, and, as a result, as alcohol consumption increases, grades in college decrease.T


  12. Anabolic steroids are more often used by nonathletes than athletesT


  13. Array is defined as the use of other drugs while taking anabolic steroids to avoid possible side effectsT


  14. Women are expressing less concern about drug use than menT


  15. The ATLAS program was designed for anabolic abuse prevention and education; its goal is to empower students to make the right decisionT


  16. Pyramiding refers to developing a tolerance to the effect of anabolic steroids; as use increases the effect decreasesT


  17. Anabolic steroids are less likely to benefit athletes involved in sports requiring dexterity and agility, such as baseball and tennis.F


  18. Because of the maternal and supportive roles women have in society, they are fearful of condemnation for abusing drugs, which causes women to not seek therapyF


  19. Steroid withdrawal symptoms include, excessive energy (when awake), increased appetite, increased sex drive, and strong need for sleep that often consumes 12 hours of a person's day.F


  20. Adolescent patterns of drug abuse almost exactly mirror adult patterns of drug abuseF


  21. Twenty to 36% of suicide victims either have a history of alcohol abuse or were drinking shortly before their suicideF


  22. Sociological factors that damage the self-image of the adolescent can often encourage drug useF


  23. A stable home life ensures that adolescents will not be involved in gang activityT


  24. There is a high amount of drug dependence in women who have been victims of sexual and physical abuse.F


  25. Gang members often use slang to create group loyalty and camaraderieT


  26. Drug abuse patterns can influence the outcome of a pregnancy even before a women becomes pregnant.F


  27. Currently, it is estimated there are 4 million Americans using anabolic steroids in order to gain a competitive edge.F


  28. Families that express love, show tolerance regarding individual differences, and encourage development of self-confidence are least likely to have suicidal membersF


  29. All drugs used by adolescents require intervention, before casual use becomes drug abuse/additionF