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  1. The term "volatile" refers to being readily evaporated at high temperaturesT


  2. Volatile inhalants can exist as liquids that vaporize at room temperaturesF


  3. Inhalant abuse is a harmless "phase" that occurs commonly during normal teenage development and as such is not worthy of significant concern.T


  4. Inhalant are used more commonly among 8th graders than are amphetamines or cocaineT


  5. Chronic toluene abuse can cause liver damageT


  6. Freon administration can cause respiratory damage as a result of sudden cooling of the respiratory tractT


  7. Euphorigenic refers to having the ability to cause feelings of depressionT


  8. "Huffing" is a practice of inhaling volatile solvents from old rags soaked in the solvent fluid and held in the mouthT


  9. Aerosols can cause respiratory injury through exposure to surprisingly high concentrationsT


  10. Nitrous oxide was first discovered by a French psychiatrist who was attempting to develop a sedative agent to treat schizophrenic patientsT