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  1. Withdrawal effects usually occur when drug use is stopped in persons who are physically dependent on the drugTrue


  2. Individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease take a greater risk with OTC decongestants than other usersTrue


  3. The plateau effect is the maximum effect of a drug, regardless of its doseFalse


  4. The form in which a drug is administered does not influence the rate of passage into the bloodstream from site of administrationFalse


  5. Drug tolerance causes an increased response to a given dose of a drugFalse


  6. Psychological dependence rarely leads to drug abuseTrue


  7. The mental set can profoundly influence a person's response to some drugsTrue


  8. Effects caused by suggestion and psychological factors, not the pharmacological activity of a drug, are referred to as a placebo effectsTrue


  9. Many drugs influence the actions of other drugsFalse


  10. Biotransformation does not affect the potency of drugsFalse


  11. The set and setting are not particularly important factors in determining responses to drugs of abuseTrue


  12. The effects of acute and chronic use with the same drug are always the sameTrue


  13. Drug effects can be altered by the drugs interaction with foodFalse


  14. Repeated inrovenous injection into the same site can damage the vessel by causing scar tissueFalse


  15. The shorter the time interval between doses of a drug the greater the likelihood of a cumulative effect from that drugTrue


  16. Alcohol is a CNS depressantFalse


  17. An important advantage of administering drugs intravenously is the speed of actionTrue


  18. Everyone does not respond the same to a give dose of a drugFalse