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  1. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that are released from the terminals of neuronsTrue


  2. Laboratory animals usually find the administration of stimulants of abuse into limbic structures of the brain unpleasant.False


  3. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cordTrue


  4. Specialized proteins that receive transmitter signals are called receptorsFalse


  5. The anabolic steroids often abused by athletes are chemically related to male hormonesTrue


  6. Anabolic hormones have negative CNS effectsFalse


  7. Neurons are responsible for conducting the homeostatic functions of the brainFalse


  8. Hormones tend to have a faster onset of action than do the neurotransmittersTrue


  9. The sympathetic nervous system uses dopamine as a transmitterFalse


  10. LSD likely exerts its hallucinogenic effects by affecting the dopamine receptorFalse


  11. Hormones are a regulatory chemical released by endocrine systemsFalse


  12. The acetylcholine receptor sites have been divided into two main subtypes called muscarinic and nicotinicFalse


  13. Drugs that affect the neurotransmitter dopamine usually alter both mental state and motor activityTrue


  14. The axon of a neuron is threadlike extension that receives information from the dendrites near the cell bodyFalse


  15. The two principal systems that help human beings maintain homeostasis are the nervous system and the endocrine systemFalse