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  1. y-direction
  2. (ΔV)/(ΔT)
  3. displacement, velocity, acceleration, force
  4. hypotenuse/displacement, direction
  5. time
  6. furthest
  7. multiply time by 2
  8. air resistance
  9. (ΔX)/(ΔT)
  10. constant and negative
  11. instantaneous speed
  12. 0
  13. Kinematic
  14. speed and/or direction
  15. downward
  16. distance travelled
  17. a²+b²=c²
  18. discplacement
  19. m/s
  20. slows down
  21. -9.81 m/s²
  22. Vix
  23. speeds up
  24. magnitude but no direction
  25. 0 m/s²
  26. Xf-Xi
  27. Velocity by Time
  28. negative
  29. Vi²=Vix²+Viy²
  30. Vi and Vf
  31. -9.81m/s²
  32. acceleration
  33. speed, volume, area, temperature
  34. positive or negative
  35. Negative
  36. m/s²
  37. displacement
  38. acceleration due to gravity
  39. directions
  40. constant acceleration
  41. velocity
  42. x-direction
  43. magnitude and direction
  44. ΔX = 1/2(Vi+Vf)t
  45. resultant
  46. influence of gravity
  47. Displacement by Time
  48. Acceleration
  49. Viy, Ax, ay
  50. constant speed
  51. meters
  1. a The Ay for a projectile motion is this.
  2. b Acceleration is this divided by this.
  3. c The resultant displacement includes these two things.
  4. d If a ball is thrown upward, this is it's Ag.
  5. e Velocity is this divided by this.
  6. f In one dimension motion, up and down measures components in this direction.
  7. g Ag, or -9.81m/s² stands for...
  8. h The area under a curve for a velocity vs. time graph is it's....
  9. i For a horizontal projectile, the initial velocity of the projectile will always be this variable.
  10. j If a ball is thrown upward, these two things are the same.
  11. k Projectiles are objects that have been thrown or launched into the air and are subject to the this
  12. l The Ax is always 0 when you are at a...
  13. m Examples of vector quantities
  14. n In a full arc of a projectile motion, the Vy at the peak is this.
  15. o There is no this in free fall, they are in a vacuum, such as space
  16. p A vector quantity has..
  17. q Velocity equation
  18. r Normally, when dealing with projectiles, this will have to be calculated first.
  19. s These things are always constant for horizontal projections.
  20. t Units for discplacement
  21. u If something is falling, it's vertical change will always have a this in front of it.
  22. v In one dimension motion, left to right measures components in this direction.
  23. w When dealing with projectile motions, you can't forget to do this.
  24. x Formula for displacement
  25. y Acceleration equation
  26. z The hypotenuse can be calculated with this formula for projectiles.
  27. aa If the velocity and acceleration are in the same direction, the object [speeds up/slows down].
  28. ab Position vs. Time Graphs tell you an object's....
  29. ac Ax for projectile motion is this.
  30. ad This kinematic equation cannot be used for projectiles.
  31. ae A speedometer on your car gives you the...
  32. af Pythagorean theorm
  33. ag Displacement can be this or this.
  34. ah Examples of scalar quantities
  35. ai Units for Velocity
  36. aj One uses these equations for motion with constant acceleration.
  37. ak An angle's name is always the [closest/furthest] direction followed by the other.
  38. al A velocity vs. time graphs tells you an object's...
  39. am A slope for the graph of a ball thrown vertically in the air should have a line pertaining to these two characteristics.
  40. an If a ball is thrown upward, the initial and final velocities are the same, but these are opposite.
  41. ao Free-falling objects undergo this.
  42. ap If the velocity and acceleration are in opposite directions, the object [speeds up/slows down].
  43. aq An object accelerates if it's these two things change.
  44. ar Direction of object's acceleration is this even if the object is moving in an upward way.
  45. as Displacement is NOT this.
  46. at The rate at which velocity changes
  47. au Units for acceleration
  48. av A scalar quantity has....
  49. aw Vector that represents the sum of two or more vectors.
  50. ax The Y value for any horizontal launch (if it is traveling down) will always be this.
  51. ay change in position