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  1. term for two or more vectors acting simultaneously upon the same point
  2. term for structures that use tension to keep a load from moving away from a desired position
  3. term for an object's point of balance
  4. term for a drawing of a body in isolation from all other bodies to show all the forces acting on that body
  5. The equilibrant is directly ______ of the resultant.
  6. term for the force a surface exerts perpendicularly against an object's weight
  7. term for a single vector representing the same effect as concurrent vectors acting separately
  8. principle that says that a force may be applied anywhere along its line of action without changing its effect
  9. A vector's direction is always opposite to _____.
  10. The relationship between friction force and the normal force is a relationship between their ______, not their ______.
  11. The direction of any vector representing weight is _____.
  12. term for the force transmitted by a string or other connector
  13. A body that is not accelerating is in _____ ______.
  14. term for the force that achieves equilibrium