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  1. P = 1/2 pgh
  2. eddy currents
  3. laminar flow
  4. hydrostatics
  5. F = 1/2 Apgh
  6. principle of viscosity
  7. hydraulic device
  8. F = apgh and F = AP
  9. Archimedes' principle
  10. meniscus
  11. cavitation
  12. water head
  13. lateral pressure
  14. cohesion
  15. buoyant force
  16. capillarity
  17. capillary tubes
  18. Fw = pvg
  19. Pascal's principle
  20. V = Ah
  21. A1V1 = A2V2
  22. force
  23. convex
  24. principle of continuity
  25. law of liquid pressure
  26. volume flow rate
  27. Bernoulli's principle
  28. decreases
  29. viscosity
  30. pressure
  31. poise
  32. P = F / A and P = pgh
  33. adhesion
  34. hydrologic system
  35. concave
  36. p = m/v
  37. normal
  38. hydrodynamics
  39. surface tension
  1. a term for the amount of force brought to bear on a unit area
  2. b term for the production of tiny vapor bubbbles within a real liquid as it flows through a pipe
  3. c term for any device that uses a confined liquid to multiply force
  4. d term for the study of liquids at rest
  5. e term for attraction between the same kinds of molecules
  6. f formula for the principle of continutity
  7. g formula for force on the wall of a container
  8. h formula for the force of weight
  9. i formula for the volume of a cylinder
  10. j The force exerted by a liquid on a surface is always ____, or perpendicular, to the surface.
  11. k the units by which viscosity is measured
  12. l As lateral pressure increases, velocity squared _____.
  13. m term for the currents that swirl against the flow of a real liquid due to friction between the liquid and the pipe
  14. n term for the difference between downward force and upward force on an object in a liquid
  15. o term for the pressure at the walls of a channel, or on any surface in contact with a moving liquid
  16. p principle that states that the volume flow rate at any two points in a pipe must be constant
  17. q principle that states that the buoyant force acting on a body submerged in a liquid is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by that body
  18. r principle that states that the pressure applied to any surface of a confined liquid is transmitted equally in every direction throughout the liquid
  19. s term for the study of liquids in motion
  20. t a curved surface of water inside a tube
  21. u term for an ideal liquid's tendency to flow in straight lines throughout the cross-sectional area
  22. v measures the total volume of a liquid flowing past a point in one second, in m^3/s
  23. w Since the edges of water reach outward in a glass tube, the meniscus is ______.
  24. x any push or pull on an object
  25. y Since the edges of mercury reach inward in a glass tube, the meniscus is ______.
  26. z term for a liquid's resistance to flow because of molecular attraction
  27. aa formulas for force on the bottom of a container
  28. ab tubes thin enough to show the effect of a higher final level of water
  29. ac name for the equation P = pgh
  30. ad term for the inverse relationship between flow rate and viscosity
  31. ae term for the water cycle
  32. af term for a liquid's resistance to increase its surface area
  33. ag term for the distance below the highest level of water in a connected system, represented by "h"
  34. ah formula for pressure on the wall of a container
  35. ai term for attraction between different kinds of molecules
  36. aj term for the tendency of a liquid to rise in a narrow tube
  37. ak term for the inverse relationship between lateral pressure and velocity squared
  38. al formula for density
  39. am formulas for pressure