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  1. term for the combined effect of both mutual inductance and self-inductance
  2. the unit of capacitance
  3. term that describes a material that reduces the voltage associated with a given state of charge
  4. term for the maximum charge that a plate can hold
  5. term for the tendency of a loop or a coil to oppose any change in current
  6. term for the heat generated by current when it passes through a resistance
  7. term for the time rate of work
  8. Because they typically store only very small amounts of charge, capacitors usually have capacitances measured in _____ or _____.
  9. term for an arrangement in which the self-inductance in each coil is enhanced by mutual inductance because all the magnetic flux in both coils runs in the same direction
  10. Capacitance may be changed by:
    1.) Increasing the ___ of each plate.
    2.) Bringing the plates ____ _____.
    3.) Filling the gap between the plates with _____.
  11. term for the induction of an emf in one coil by another coil
  12. term for the equation that relates the voltages and numbers of turns in the primary and secondary coils of a transformer
  13. term for the factor by which capacitance is multiplied when a certain material is used as a dielectric
  14. A well-designed transformer transmits energy from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit with above _____ percent efficiency.
  15. Mutual inductance is measured in ____.
  16. term for a device for producing a fixed increase or decrease in voltage
  17. term for the effective value of an alternating current
  18. term for the current furnished by electric power companies
  19. If a change in magnetic flux arises from a fluctuation of current within the conducting loop itself, ______ ___ is produced.
  20. term for a transformer that increases voltage
  21. term for the maximum potential gradient that a material can withstand before it begins to conduct current
  22. term for a transformer that decreases voltage
  23. The effective value of an alternating current is regarded as equal to the direct current that would produce heat at the same average ___ in the same _____.
  24. term for a charge-storing device consisting of two conductors in near relation but not touching
  25. If two coils in separate circuits are brought close together, changing current in the first (____) coil induces a current in the second (______) coil.
  26. term for the number of turns per unit length of a coil
  27. the unit of inductance
  28. term for an arrangement in which self-inductance and mutual inductance have contrary effects
  29. An induced emf ____ the change inducing it.
  30. term for a circuit element with the property of self-inductance
  31. the physicist who experimented with electricity and magnetism and discovered electromagnetic induction independently of Faraday