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  1. brushes
  2. salt bridge
  3. anode
  4. commutator
  5. electrodes
  6. ammeter
  7. Lenz's law
  8. torque arm
  9. similar
  10. series
  11. battery
  12. torque
  13. slip rings
  14. any individual cell's voltage
  15. current-generating capacity, smallest
  16. stator
  17. armature
  18. parallel
  19. motor
  20. cathode
  21. magnetic field
  22. False
  23. electromagnetic induction
  24. Seebeck voltage
  25. opposes
  26. their individual voltages
  27. strength
  28. electrochemical cell
  29. Seebeck effect
  30. rotor
  31. three-phase current
  32. speed
  33. thermoelectric, temperature
  34. hysteresis
  35. Peltier effect
  36. magnetic flux
  37. two-pole motor
  38. right-handed three finger rule
  39. electric generator
  40. aqueous solution
  41. the magnetic flux is changing.
  42. Michael Faraday
  43. load
  44. eddy currents
  45. thermocouple
  46. alternating current (AC)
  47. direct current (DC)
  48. opposing
  49. electrolyte
  50. law of induction
  51. prime mover
  52. number of turns
  53. thermoelectric generator
  1. a term for the conducting loop that rotates between the poles of a pemanent magnet in a simple electric generator
  2. b term for a device that produces current by electromagnetic induction
  3. c term for an ionic solid dissolved in water
  4. d When a single conducting loop or segment thereof is passing through a magnetic field, current is generated in the loop if and only if...
  5. e term for a motor with a predominant north pole coupled with a single south pole
  6. f term for current that changes direction
  7. g term for a stationary armature in a DC generator
  8. h term for a porous material soaked with a suspended aqueous solution
  9. i If the cells in a battery are connected so that the anode of one cell is connected to the cathode of the next and so on down the line, the cells are connected in ___.
  10. j When the flux passing through the second coil decreases, the second coil's induced current must create a(n) ____ magnetic field.
  11. k term for an aqueous solution in which electrodes are submerged
  12. l The ___ of relative motion between a coil and a magnetic field determines how much current is prodced.
  13. m term for a magnet that rotates inside the stator
  14. n the rule that says if the thumb points in the direction of the charge's motion, the index finger points in the direction of magnetic induction and the bent middle finger points in the direction of magnetic force
  15. o term for any device consisting of a thermocouple lodged within an apparatus that provides for the heating of one junction and the cooling of the other
  16. p term for the generation of current by means of a conductor's motion through a magnetic field
  17. q term for tiny currents that produce small magnetic fields working against the rotating armature in a motor
  18. r term for the appearance of the Seebeck voltage in an appropriate coupling of two conductors
  19. s Current is induced within a coil by relative motion between the coil and a(n) _____ ___.
  20. t According to Lenz's law, when the flux passing upward through the second coil increases, the induced current must create a(n) ____ magnetic field.
  21. u The magnitude of the Seebeck voltage depends on...
    1. The extent to which the two materials differ in their _____ characteristics and
    2. The ____ difference between the junctions.
  22. v Induced current is directed so as to create a magnetic field that ____ the motion causing the current.
  23. w term for a combination of two or more electrochemical cells
  24. x The current delivered by cells connected in series is limited by the ______ _____ of the ____ cell.
  25. y term for a split ring on which the ends of the loop terminate in a single-loop generator
  26. z term for current that always flows in the same direction
  27. aa Since each force is exerted at a distance from the axis of rotation, each produces a(n) ___.
  28. ab In a ____ combination of cells, all the anodes are connected and all the cathodes are connected.
  29. ac the law that states that the current induced by a change in magnetic flux is directed so as to create a magnetic field that opposes the change
  30. ad term for an appliance that uses a current's energy to do some type of work
  31. ae The voltage of cells connected in series is the sum of ___ ____ ____.
  32. af the scientist who is famous for discovering electromagnetic induction
  33. ag term for a meter used to measure small amounts of current
  34. ah term for stationary pieces of metal that provide a path for the current to flow to and from the appliance powered by an electric generator
  35. ai term for the quanity of flux linking a conducting loop
  36. aj The current induced by a magnetic field depends on the ____ of the field.
  37. ak law that says that a change in magnetic flux specifically induces potential difference, which instantaneously produces a current
  38. al term for a complete circuit in which two conductors made of different materials come together at junctions maintained at different temperatures
  39. am Current varies directly with the ___ __ ___ in a coil.
  40. an True or False: The mere presence of a magnetic field is enough to induce current within a coil.
  41. ao term for a potential difference between junctions
  42. ap term for the positive electrode, which draws electrons from the conducting wire
  43. aq term for the delay before a material conforms to an external magnetic field
  44. ar term for a freely rotating loop mounted in a magnetic field and fed with current that reverses periodically
  45. as term for the heating or cooling of a junction between two dissimilar conductors in the pathway of current
  46. at term for the perpendicular distance (r) from the axis of rotation to the line of the force
  47. au term for a device that produces electrical current through a chemical reaction
  48. av term for the source of mechanical energy that drives a generator
  49. aw term for the rings which rotate with the armature to allow constant contact betwee the armature and the brushes
  50. ax term for a negative electrode, which supplies electrons to the conducting wire
  51. ay The voltage of parallel cells is the same as ___ ____ ___ ____.
  52. az term for current composed of three currents phased 120 degrees apart
  53. ba term for two strips that are immersed in an aqueous solution