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  1. For the Doppler equation, any motion of one toward the other is ____, and any motion of one away from the other is _____.
  2. term for two notes with one twice the frequency of the other; heard as the same note at different levels
  3. three factors that affect the speed of sound
  4. term for the human perception of intensity
  5. term for a molecule's original position
  6. term for the undulating variation in displacement of molecules along the path of a sound wave
  7. term for the intensity detectable by a person with normal hearing
  8. term for the sound heard when a shock wave sweeps over listeners at ground level
  9. term for our perception of audible frequency
  10. term for a violent disturbance traveling outward, that occurs when an object breaks the sound barrier
  11. True or False: Sound is a periodic wave train.
  12. The ear is a(n) _____ ____ of sound intensity; that is, the perceived loudness of a sound is not a simple linear function of intensity measured in W / meters squared
  13. When passed through a liquid, ultrasound at high intensity causes _____, the formation of cavities.
  14. term for the average distance of travel between collisions
  15. term for the range of frequencies or wavelengths that can be heard
  16. term for a sound of definite pitch produced by a singing voice or a musical instrument
  17. term for a versatile procedure that can find tumors and gallstones or show a developing child within the womb
  18. Scientific studies have shown that perceived loudness is determined, not by absolute intensity, but by the ___ __ _____ of absolute intensity.
  19. term for sonic waves with frequencies above 20,000 Hz, the upper limit of the audio range
  20. term for the movement of longitudinal waves through an elastic medium, whether solid, liquid, or gas
  21. Loudness is a measure of ____ ____; specifically, a relationship of one sound to a barely audible sound.
  22. the just noticeable difference, or the smallest difference a human ear can detect
  23. Although gas particles are not held together by elastic force, they form a(n) ____ ____ that resists any departure from uniform pressure.
  24. True or False: Sound travels in a longitudinal wave.
  25. another term for sound waves
  26. term for any shift in the wavelength and frequency of waves due to motion of the source (or to motion of the observer)
  27. term for sonic waves below 20 Hz, the lower limit of audible sound
  28. True or False: No sound can travel through a vacuum.
  29. term for the amount of energy flowing per unit time through a unit area at right angles to wave motion; quantity that represents the strength of sound
  30. oen common measure of loudness
  31. term for a toothed disk that demonstrates pitch as it spins on its axis
  32. numbers used to related the speed of jets to the speed of sound
  33. term for a speed past that of sound; breaking the sound barrier
  34. term for maximum displacement of a wave