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  1. centripetal acceleration
  2. equilibrium
  3. periodic motion
  4. the square root of the acceleration due to gravity
  5. natural frequency
  6. centripetal force
  7. oscillatory motion
  8. uniform circular motion
  9. simple harmonic motion
  10. amplitude
  11. the square root of its length
  12. centrifugal force
  13. period
  14. simple pendulum
  15. frequency
  16. its mass or amplitude
  17. resonance
  18. physical pendulum
  1. a term for the point at which the driving frequency and the natural frequency are the same
  2. b term for repetitive motion back and forth over the same path
  3. c term for the time it takes for one full oscillation to occur
  4. d The period of a pendulum does not depend on..
  5. e point at which the restorative force on an object and its original force are in balance
  6. f term for periodic motion that follows the same path over the same time interval and is caused by a restorative force that is proportional to displacement
  7. g The period of a pendulum is inversely dependent on....
  8. h term for the number of oscillations that occur per unit time
  9. i type of motion that an object exhibits when it follows a circular path at constant speed
  10. j term for the absolute value of the maximum displacement in either direction during oscillation
  11. k term for any motion that occurs repeatedly after the same lapse of time
  12. l The period of a pendulum depends on..
  13. m term for a freely swinging mass hanging from a thin, massless connector
  14. n term for any force that pushes or pulls an object away from the center of a circle
  15. o term for any rigid body mounted so that it can swing in a plane about a point of support
  16. p term for an orbiting (or rotating) object's acceleration toward the center of a circle due to a force causing a constant change in direction
  17. q Every physical object has a _____ ______ of vibration.
  18. r term for any force producing centripetal acceleration