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  • dimension

    The manifoldness with which the fundamental units of time, length, and mass are involved in determining the units of other physical quantities.


    an objects change in position


    has a magnitude and a direction


    has a magnitude, but no direction

    average velocity


    coordinate system

    a system where an x and y value can locate a point


    SI unit for velocity


    SI unit for length


    a vector quantity with both magnitude and direction


    a scalar quantity with only magnitude

    instantaneous velocity

    the limit of the average velocity as the time interval (dt) approaches zero

    average acceleration

    dv/dt, m/s^2


    SI unit for acceleration


    negative acceleration; a decrease in velocity

    instantaneous acceleration

    the limit of the average acceleration as the time interval (dt) approaches zero

    acceleration due to gravity

    denoted by g; the magnitude of free-fall acceleration, which increases as altitude decreases


    the movement of an object

    frame of reference

    a choice of coordinate axes that defines the starting point for measuring any quantity


    a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem

    geometric vector addition


    triangular vector addition


    tip to tail vector addition


    parallelogram vector addition


    vector negation



    something determined in relation to something that includes it


    the property created by the space between two objects or points

    vector algebra


    projectile motion


    two dimensional motion


    one dimension motion



    a plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to an element of the curve

    projection angle



    the path followed by an object moving through space

    relative velocity

    velocity of an object with respect to a particular frame of reference

    commutative law of addition


    stationary frame of reference


    moving frame of reference




    vector equality


    arithmetic/algebraic operations





    SI unit for velocity

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