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  • acoustics

    the science and technology oh how sound behaves


    the pulsations of sound produced when two similar frequencies interfere with each other


    a tiny, fluid-filled bone structure in the inner ear that contains the essential organs of hearing


    a harmonious or agreeable combination of frequencies heard when sounds are played simultaneiously


    the dimensionless unit of a logarithmic scale for expressing the relative intensity of sounds


    an unpleasant combination of frequencies heard when sounds are played simultaneously

    Doppler effect

    the change in the observed frequency of a wave due to the relative motion of the source and observer

    Fourier's theorem

    states that nearly every wave can be expressed by superimposing single frequency waves

    frequency spectrum

    a graphic representation showing the relative contribution to an overall sound made by each component frequency


    a device that transforms sound waves into electrical signals for the purpose of transmitting or recording sound

    musical scale

    a series of musical notes arranged from low to high in a special pattern


    a frequency in a musical scale; a sound with a certain duration and pitch; it is based on a single fundamental frequency and may include harmonies and other related frequencies


    a frequency difference that is double or half the starting frequency


    the property of a sound determined by the frequency of the waves producing it; the highness or lowness of a sound


    the force exerted per unit area; fluid pressure acts in all directions


    multiple reflections of sound building up and blending together


    the organization of a sound into regular time patterns

    shock wave

    the compressed wave fronts that form in front of a supersonic object; the wavefronts form a boundary between sound and silence


    a graphic representation of sound showing frequency, time, and intensity


    a device that converts electrical signals into sound; used to reproduce sound accurately


    a method of sound reproduction involving multiple speakers to approximate the spatial distribution of the original sound


    motion that is slower than the speed of sound in air


    motion that is faster than the speed of sound in air

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