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  • Sound waves

    are longitudinal waves.

    The through of the sine curve used to represent a sound wave corresponds to

    a rarefaction.

    Which of the following is the region of a sound wave in which the density and pressure are greater than normal?


    Pitch depends on the ___ of a sound wave.


    Of the following materials, sound waves travel fastest through

    steel at 0 degrees Celsius.

    In general, sound travels faster through

    solids than through gases.

    The distance between wave fronts of plane waves corresponds to ___ of a sound wave.

    one wavelength

    A train moves down the track towards an observer. The sound from the train, as heard by the observer, is ___ the sound heard by a passenger on the train.

    higher in pitch than

    The Doppler effect occurs with

    all waves.

    The property of sound called intensity is proportional to the rate at which energy flows through

    an area perpendicular to the direction of propagation.

    At a distance of 3 m, the intensity of a sound will be ___ the intensity it was at a distance of 1 m.


    The intensity of a sound at any distance from the source is directly proportional to the sound's


    If the intensity of a sound is increased by a factor of 100, the new decibel level will increase

    by 20 units.

    The perceived loudness of a sound is measured in


    When the frequency of a force applied to a system matches the natural frequency of vibration of the system, ___ occurs.


    The Tacoma Narrows bridge collapsed in 1940 when winds caused ___ to build up in the bridge.

    a standing wave

    For a standing wave in an air column in a pipe that is open at both ends, there must be at least

    two antinodes and one node.

    When an air column vibrates in a pipe that is open at both ends,

    all harmonics are present.

    When an air column vibrates in a pipe that is closed at one end,

    only odd harmonics are present.

    If a guitar string has a fundamental frequency of 500Hz, what is the frequency of its second harmonic?

    1000 Hz

    The wavelength of the fundamental frequency of a vibrating string of length L is


    The quality of a musical tone of a certain pitch results from a combination of


    How many beats per second are heard when two vibrating tuning forks having frequencies of 342 Hz and 345 Hz are held side by side?

    3 Hz

    A vibrating guitar string emits a tone just as a 5.00 x 10^2 Hz tuning fork is stuck. If five beats per second are heard, which of the following is a possible frequency of vibration of the string?

    495 Hz

    Audible beats are formed by the interference of two waves

    of slightly different frequencies.

    Two violin players tuning their instruments together hear 8 beats in 2 s. What is the frequency difference between the two violins?

    4 Hz

    At a large distance from a sound source, spherical wave fronts are viewed as

    plane waves.

    If you are on a train, how will the pitch of the train's whistle sound to you as the train moves?

    The pitch will not change.

    Which of the following decibel levels is nearest to the value that you would expect for running a vacuum cleaner?

    70 dB

    How many beats per second re heard when two vibrating tuning forks having frequencies of 216 Hz and 224 Hz are held side by side?

    8 Hz

    Four beats per second are heard when two notes are sounded. The frequency of one note is 420 Hz. Which of the following is a possible frequency of the other note?

    416 Hz

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