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  1. Backreferences - Results of a searchOutside Regex :$1, $2, etc. - In Regex: \1 and \2


  2. Character Class [[:upper:]]Uppercase Letters


  3. Lookahead?= Example: =~/one (?=two)/


  4. Using inline modifiers in Regex=~ /searchterm(?#Comment)/


  5. Modifiers: Replace only the last match, used with g? - "this and thus" /th.?s/ matches "this" /th.*s/ would match "this and thus" (to the last 's')


  6. Character Class [[:alpha:]]Alphabetic or Numeric Characters


  7. Transliteration: Replace each character=~ tr/ABC/ab/d; - Replace 'A' with 'a', 'B' with 'b', deletes 'C' (Without d, 'C' with 'b')


  8. Lookbehind?= Example: =~/one (?=two)/


  9. Regex without backreferences/search term/


  10. Negative Lookbehind?<!


  11. Character Class [[:punct:]]Alphabetic or Numeric Characters


  12. Greedy: Find a match using zero repeats if possible??


  13. Search for a Delimiter, and create substrings$ Example: /searchterm\.$/


  14. Substitution / Transliteration Additional Delimiters=~ m#searchterm#


  15. Regex Enclosed in Slashes/wa[^rx]/ Does not contain war or wax


  16. Character Class [[:lower:]]Uppercase Letters


  17. Inline Comments in searches=~ /searchterm(?#Comment)/


  18. Create string from substringjoin " ",@colors (@colors="red green blue";$colors=join...)


  19. Character set rangeMatch Any Character


  20. Binding Operator/red|blue/ or /(red)|(blue)/ or /(red|blue)/


  21. Substitution / Transliteration Create Delimiters=~ m#searchterm#


  22. Anchor - Search End of the String$ Example: /searchterm\.$/


  23. Negative Lookahead?<!


  24. Negative Binding Operator!~


  25. Prevent Interpolation of Special Characters\Q<text>\E


  26. Pattern Matching[0-9] [a-z] [A-Z] [0-9a-z]


  27. Character Class [[:digit:]]Digits 0 to 9


  28. Anchor - Search Beginning of the string^ Example /^The/


  29. Greedy: Find a match using as few repeats as possible, but to allow at least one repeat+?


  30. Global Replacement=~ s/old/new/g (The g at the end is for all instances)


  31. Modifiers: Ignore newline characters and the search string is treated as a single lines - For example '.' will now match any character, even newline characters.


  32. Greedy: Find the first match that occurs?: - /(?:abc)?.*(def)/ - $1 will be the result from (def) not (abc)


  33. Substitution Operator=~


  34. Character Range \w and \WBoundaries between words


  35. Character Class [[:alnum:]]Alphabetic Characters


  36. Character Range \d and \D[\ \t\n\r] (space,tab,newline,return)


  37. Any Character in a search/h[aiou]t/ hat, hit, hot, or hut


  38. Quantifiers: May occur once, numerous times, or none /trees/ - Searches for tree, trees, or treess ...


  39. Modifier: Ignore whitespace and allow comments{,} /\w{5}/ - Five letter word, {4,} 4 or more {3,7} 3-7 instances


  40. Character Range .[0-9] [a-z] [A-Z] [0-9a-z]


  41. Quantifiers: Optional character? /g?reed/ - Search for greed or reed (? is after)


  42. Quantifiers: May occur more than one time /trees/ - Searches for tree, trees, or treess ...


  43. Alternative Operator/red|blue/ or /(red)|(blue)/ or /(red|blue)/


  44. Character Range \s and \S[\ \t\n\r] (space,tab,newline,return)


  45. Character Range \b and \B[0-9] and [^0-9]


  46. Transliteration: Delete extra characters=~ tr/abc/xyz/; Replaces all 'a' with 'x', all 'b' with 'y', etc.


  47. Quantifiers: Number of Instances{,} /\w{5}/ - Five letter word, {4,} 4 or more {3,7} 3-7 instances


  48. Modifiers: Allow string to behave like a set of multiple lines separated by the newline characterm


  49. Override Case SensitivityDigits 0 to 9


  50. Does not include/wa[^rx]/ Does not contain war or wax