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  1. What are the 5 basic tasks of handling a file?
  2. What is the biggest difference between a database and a file system?
  3. How do you know if data has integrity?
  4. What is redundancy?
  5. What is inconsistency?
  6. What is an Ad Hoc Query?
  7. What are islands of information?
  8. What is a data dictionary?
  9. What is SQL?
  10. What is a query language?
  11. File
  12. Field
  13. What is structural independence?
  14. Record
  15. What is a database system?
  16. What are three types of inconsistency anomalies?
  1. a When the same data appears unnecessarily in different locations - Increased probability of inconsistency
  2. b A non-procedural language - one that the user specifies what must be done without saying how
  3. c When you change the file structure without affecting the applications ability to access the data
  4. d Logically related set of one or more fields describing a person, place, or thing
  5. e Structured Query Language - the standard data access and query language used in most DBMS vendors.
  6. f 1. Modification anomalies
    2. Insertion anomalies
    3. Deletion anomalies
  7. g Spur of the moment question
  8. h 1. Have a program that creates a file
    2. Add data to a file
    3. Remove data from a file
    4. Modify data in a file
    5. List the data
  9. i When it is accurate and verifiable
  10. j An organization of components that define and regulate the collection, storage, management, and use of data within a data environment.
  11. k The DBMS
  12. l Collection of related records
  13. m What is used to search for data in a database system
  14. n Different or conflicting versions of the same data
  15. o A collection of related data that gives a specific meaning
  16. p The same basic data in scattered different locations