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  • Bioinformatics

    Application of informatics to solve problems in biosciences; focused on interpreting data

    Computational Biology

    Development of mathematical models and simulations to the study of bioscience problems or biological systems

    Give an example of a variable name


    Rules of evaluation

    1. Right hand side of sign first
    2. Inner parentheses
    3. Expression evaluated left to right
    4. Value assigned to left-hand-side variable

    else if conditional statement


    First line in perl code


    Keyword for subroutine


    Variable that holds n input values in subroutine


    Print command

    print " ";

    Print contents of $i

    print "$i";

    Last statement of subroutine


    Interpreted languages

    1. Compiled to binary
    2. Not portable across architectures

    Performance of interpreted languages vs. interpreted languages

    Compiled are faster

    Uses of Perl

    1. File I/O
    2. Pies and file redirection

    How do you define array names ages and assign the values 25, 30, and 40 to it?

    @ages = (25, 30, 40);

    Print the following statement: $ages[0] = 25

    print "\$ages[0] = $ages[0]"

    Assign string 'fred' to variable $i

    $i = "fred";



    Carriage return


    Concatenate "Go " "Hawks"

    "Go "."Hawks";

    Repeat "Hawks" three times


    What is 5x5 equivalent to?


    What is 5x3.2 equivalent to?


    Substitution syntax

    s/pattern/replacement string/

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