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  • 1.The Objective-C Programming Language

    Objects, Classes, and Messaging
    Defining a Class
    Declared Properties
    Categories and Extensions
    Associative References
    Fast Enumeration
    Enabling Static Behavior
    Exception Handling


    Object Basics
    Dynamic Typing
    Memory Management

    3.Object Messaging

    Message Syntax
    Sending Messages to nil
    The Receiver's Instance Variables
    Dynamic Binding
    Dynamic Method Resolution
    Dot Syntax


    Class Types
    Class Objects
    Class Names in Source Code
    Testing Class Equality

    5.Defining a Class

    Source Files
    Class Interface
    Class Implementation
    Messages to self and super

    6.Class Interface

    Importing the Interface
    Referring to Other Classes
    The Role of the Interface

    7.Class Implementation

    Referring to Instance Variables
    The Scope of Instance Variables

    8.Messages to self and super

    An Example: Using self and super
    Using super
    Redefining self


    Declaring Interfaces for Others to Implement
    Methods for Others to Implement
    Declaring Interfaces for Anonymous Objects
    Nonhierarchical Similarities
    Formal Protocols
    Declaring a Protocol: Optional Protocol Methods, Informal Protocols
    Protocol Objects
    Adopting a Protocol
    Conforming to a Protocol
    Type Checking
    Protocols Within Protocols
    Referring to Other Protocols

    10.Declared Properties

    Property Declaration and Implementation
    Using Properties
    Subclassing with Properties
    Runtime Difference

    11.Property Declaration and Implementation

    Property Declaration
    Property Declaration Attributes
    Property Implementation Directives

    12.Using Properties

    Supported Types
    Property Redeclaration
    Core Foundation

    13.Categories and Extensions

    Adding Methods to Classes

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