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  1. What is the boolean type in objective-c?
  2. How does a switch statement work?
  3. How does an if-else statement work?
  4. How do you negate (or flip) the value of a relational expression?
  5. The conditional operator in objective-c is a ______ operator.
  6. Whenever a relational expression is evaluated in objective-c, it is given the value
  7. Show how the conditional operator works.
  1. a 1 if the expression is satisfied and 0 if the expression is not satisfied.
  2. b ternary (it takes in three operands)
  3. c condition ? : expression1 : expression2

    If the result of the condition is true, then expression1 is evaluated and returned. If the result of the condition is false, then expression2 is evaluated and returned.
  4. d if (expression)
    {block of code}
    {block of code}
  5. e switch (expression)
    {case value1:
    program statement;
    program statement;
  6. f ! (not)
  7. g BOOL