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  • Objective-c contains a powerful built-in tool known as the _______ ________. It does an analysis of your code and can find program logic errors.

    static analyzer

    How to insert comments into objective C

    / comment /

    Why to insert many comments

    1. Logic is still fresh in your mind
    2. Reap the benefits of commenting while debugging
    3. You don't want to have to go back and insert comments after the fact


    Imports the included from the following file into that program


    A special name that indicates precisely where the program is to begin execution.


    An expression that is terminated with a semicolon.

    autorelease pool

    Any program statements between curly braces {} are executed in this context. It is a mechanism that allows the system to efficiently manage the memory that your system uses.






    Used to prevent you from writing constant C-style code


    A function that simply displays or logs its argument (or arguments.)


    Every objective-c program statement must be terminated by a semicolon.


    newline character - Any characters printed after this will be printed on a new line.

    Can NSLog display the value of variables as well?



    Variables defined as this type hold only integer values.


    Displays an integer value

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