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  • constant

    any literal number, single character, or character string


    A minus sign indicates that the value is negative. Commas can't be used and no embedded spaces should be put between the digits.


    Every value has a range of values associated with it. The range has to do with the amount of storage allocated to store a particular type of data. 64 bit systems can have a larger range than a 32 bit system.


    Used to store values containing decimal digits. The NSLog conversion characters %f or %g can be used to display floats.


    double is the same as float except it has twice the range.


    You can use a char variable to store a single character. You have to enclose the character within a pair of single quotation marks e.g. 'e' or ';' or 'p'. %c can be used to display char variables.

    NSString character string object

    @"blah blah blah";


    long, long long, short, signed, and unsigned


    long int factorial;

    The declared integer variable gets an extended range.

    To display a long int you must use %li

    long long

    A long long int will hold an int with a greater range

    type cast operator

    Forces one type of variable to become another
    (int) 29.55

    assignment operators

    couter += 10
    counter -= 5
    counter /= 2

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