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  • The general format of the for statement is

    for (n = 0; n<=200, ++n) {program statement};

    The relational operators have _____ precedence than all arithmetic operators


    How to use NSLog to right justify within a number of spaces?

    %2i (where 2 is the number of spaces or column width)

    How do you read user input from terminal?

    scanf("%i", &variableName);

    To omit a field from a for loop simply...

    Use a semicolon with no expression

    True or False. You can have multiple expression for any of the fields in a for loop.


    True or False. A variable defined in the for loop field is known only inside the loop.

    True. It is called a "local" variable and is inexcessible outside the loop.

    What is the syntax of a while loop?

    while (expression) {program statements};

    A ___ statement can always be translated into an equivalent ____ statement.

    For While

    What is the syntax of the do-while statement?

    do {program statement} while (expression);

    Execution of the ____ statement causes the program to immediately leave the loop it is currently executing


    In order to bypass a group of statements in a loop but continue with the loop thereafter use...

    The continue statement.

    How do you left justify in field width specification?

    %-2i (where 2 is the width of the column)

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