Arrays are an important data structure in any language. Objective-C is no different. Here are the essential elements for dealing with them.


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  • An array is a _____ object.


    An array is an _____ list of objects, and these objects may be accessed by an _______


    An NSArray is _____ which means you cannot add or remove objects after the array is instantiated


    NSMutableArray lets you add or remove objects ______


    When an object is added to an array, it is actually the _____ of that object in memory that is stored in the array


    Primitives and C structures ____ be added to an array


    A single array ____ contain objects of different types


    You have an array called 'a'. Write a statement using message notation that stores the number of objects stored in 'a' as 'numberOfObjects'

    int numberOfObjects = [a count];

    You have an array called 'a'. Write a command to add an object called 'myObj' to the end of the array.

    [a addObject: myObj];

    You have an array called 'a'. Write a command to add an object called 'myObj' to the front of the array.

    [a insertObject:myObj atIndex:0];

    You have an array called 'a'. Write a command to add an empty object to the front of the array.

    [a insertObject: [NSNull null] atIndex: 0];

    You have an array of NSStrings called 'a'. Write a command to retrieve the 3rd string, stored in an NSString called 'myString'. Assume 'a' has at least 3 elements.

    NSString *myString = [a objectAtIndex: 2];

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