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  • triangular numbers

    a number that was calculated by a continuous summation of natural numbers

    "for" statement

    for ( init_expression; loop_condition; loop_expression )
    program statement;

    example of a for statement of the 200th triangular number

    for ( n= 1; n<=200; n+= 1)
    triangular expression +=n;

    What are all the relational operators? (6)

    == equal to
    != not equal to
    >= greater than or equal to

    Precedence of relational operators?

    lower than arithmetical operators

    difference between = and ==?

    = - assigns something to a variable
    == "is equal to"

    what does the increment operator look like ?


    increment operator

    ++ - adds one to its operand

    What does the decrement operator look like ?


    What does the decrement operator do?

    it decreases the value of its operand by 1

    What does "%2i" in NSLog?

    it gives the display output 2 columns


    allows user to input triangular number

    what are nested statements?

    1 type of statement. like a for loop repeated in itself

    while statement

    while (expression)
    program statement;

    do statement

    program statement
    while ( expression );

    break statement

    break; it breaks a loop

    continue statements

    continue; it continues program and skips over the next statement after loops is done

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