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  1. Outcome Goals
  2. Behavior Goals
  3. Goal-Setting
  4. Expectation Management
  5. Compliance/Adherence Monitoring
  6. Limiting Factors
  7. Adherence Chart
  8. Bi-Weekly Compliance Report
  1. a Clients' accurate anticipation and understanding of realistic progress as well as their coach's expectations of them.
  2. b Goals framed around activities of the client that are under complete control of the individual.
  3. c Bi-weekly version of the Comprehensive Client information sheet.
  4. d A spreadsheet that can be used to record and measure compliance to a set of goals and behaviors.
  5. e anything that makes it more difficult for a client to achieve optimal results.
  6. f Intended result that will occur from carrying out a behavior; a long-term measure of strategic effectiveness.
  7. g Process of coach and client deciding on objectives
  8. h Tracking, recording, and overseeing adherence to a given nutritional and/or exercise plan.