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  • American Dietetic Association

    Largest organization of food and nutrition professionals in the United States; composed primarily of registered dieticians.

    USDA Food Pyramid

    A graphical display of a healthy diet centered on food groupings. created by the USDA in 1992.

    Pasteurized Milk

    Milk that's been exposed to high temperatures in an effort to destroy microorganisms.

    Lactose Intolerance

    Inability of the body to break down lactose, usually secondary to lactase enzyme deficiency.


    A decrease in the mass and density of bone with enlargement of bone spaces, creating porosity.

    Nutrient Timing

    Sports nutrition concept that manipulates meal chronology to enhance recovery from training and body composition.

    5 Habits

    Simple habits that hen followed will naturally lead to an improvement in calorie control, nutrient timing, and food selection.

    Feeding Opportunities

    An opportunity to eat.

    Alkaline Load

    A food intake that generates a slightly higher pH value in the body; base forming.

    Controlled Carbohydrate

    Eating carbohydrates in the forms and at the times that the body can best tolerate.

    Carbohydrate-Dependent Sports

    Sports that exhaust high amounts of muscle glycogen.

    Glycemic Index

    Measure f the rate at which an ingested food caused the level of glucose in the blood to rise.

    5 Habits Cheat Sheet

    Simple habits that when followed will naturally lead to an improvement in calorie control, nutrient timing, and food selection.

    Superfoods Checklist

    Foods that are very nutrient dense and energy controlled.

    Level 1 Clients

    Describes people who are not yet in the habits of eating healthy foods, at the right time, in the right amount.

    Level 2 Clients

    Describes people who have a idea of portion sizes, body awareness and food choices but need help with food timing, nutrient partitioning, and food intake relative toned/goals.

    Level 3 Clients

    Describes people who have a good grasp of Level 2 strategies but their high performance goals demand more specialized strategies and supplementation to precisely address food intolerances.allergies, body far distribution, gene profiles, and other highly specific nutritional goals.

    Body Types

    Also known as somatotypes; general categories of body structure as well as muscle and fat storage and distribution.


    Body type characterized by long and thin muscles and limbs with lower fat storage; generally slim.


    Body type characterized by large bones, a solid torso, wide shoulders, trim waist, controlled body gar levels.


    Body type characterized by increased fat storage, wider waist, large bone structure.


    A blend between ectomorph and mesomorph body types; athletic looking yet still on the thin side; especially in the limbs.


    A blend between endomorph and mesomorph, heavily muscled yet carrying extra body gar around the midsection.


    Also known as body types; general categories of body structure as well as muscle and gat storage and distribution.

    Carbohydrate Tolerance

    A person's ability to handle higher carbohydrate loads.

    Very Low-Calorie Diets (VLCD)

    A short term strategy for body composition alteration.

    Neutral Energy Balance

    When energy intake (from food) matches energy output (from basal metabolism and activity).

    Green Food Product

    Dietary supplement composed of green foods that are rich in nutrients.

    Very Low-Carbohydrate Diet

    A short-term strategy for body composition alteration.

    Calorie Cycling

    Alternating high and low levels of calorie intake, which doesn't allow the body to find homeostasis.

    Carbohydrate Cycling

    Alternating high and low levels of carbohydrate intake, which doesn't allow the body to find homeostasis.

    Very High-Carbohydrate Diets

    A short-term dietary strategy to be used by athletes in carbohydrate-dependent sports or for body composition change.

    Periworkout Nutrition

    Nutritional choices before during and after workouts.

    P + C Drinks

    Drinks composed of protein and carbohydrates that can be used before, during or after training/exercise.

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