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  1. Edelman 2004:
  2. Binding problem:
  3. Bernard Baars:
  4. Substances that induce altered states:
  5. Consciousness is a pattern of...
  6. Localized damage to an area leads to...

  7. Qualia:
  8. Awareness:
  9. When the feed forward sweep hits those areas...
  10. What is neural activity?
  11. What is there a gap between?
  12. Consciousness is...
  13. A _______ criterion can produce the illusion of unconscious processing
  14. All of the accounts of visual processing/perception end at:
  15. Local recurrency itself....
  16. What most likely connects the modular robots?
  17. Perception and conscious experience are created by...
  18. The fundamental problem is...
  19. Perception is linked with...
  20. DMT =
  21. Liebniz
  22. Possibilities of Consciousness:
  23. Reentrant synchronized activation =
  24. Perception:
  25. What is the fundamental aspect of consciousness?
  26. How can one analyze patterns of neural activity?
  27. Consciousness is not simply...
  2. b Sodium and Potassium ions going in and out of a cell membrane.
  3. c 1. There is a consciousness center in the brain; a "great-great grandmother" cell.

    2. Consciousness is a pattern of distributed activity
    - Synchronized recurrent connetions
  4. d a focal lack of consciousness for that represented region.

    Ex. Blindsight, Face-blindness, agnosias
  5. e How are modular brain areas representing distinct aspects of the environment bound into a single coherent representation?
  6. f The experiential aspect of sensation
  7. g - Alcohol
    - Marijuana
    - Caffeine
    - Cigarettes
    - Sugar
    - LSD
    - Cocaine
    - Methamohetamine
  8. h Our accounts of perception between physical machinery and our conscious experience.
  9. i strict response
  10. j Perception is not something you can reveal by deconstruction
  11. k neural, modular systems
  12. l it finds the "canyon/river" of "appleness"

    - They link up and become a RECURRENT CONNECTION
    - They collapse into a system
  13. m By comparing conditions in which we are conscious of something with conditions in which we are not conscious.
  14. n "there is no need to start from scratch. There is already a field for the systematic study of human conscious experience, and it's called PSYCHOLOGY"
  15. o Our experience of the world
    - The phenomenological aspect of perception.
  16. p solving the riddle of qualia
  17. q distributed activity.
    - Synchronized recurrent connections between modular brain regions.
    - A process rather than a place.
  18. r Qualia
  19. s What we are conscious of
  20. t The thalamus
  21. u the cortex.
  22. v Dimethyltriptamine
  23. w self-referential.

    "consciousness is what it is like to be conscious"
  24. x IS NOT sufficient for conscious awareness.
  25. y awareness.
  26. z Offers the hypothesis that reentrant synchronized connectivity between brain regions is the mechanism for binding
  27. aa exposure to a stimulus; it's more