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  1. The amount of rent paid for a piece of land is based on the
  2. The four somewhat overlapping theories of how the entrepreneur is able to earn a profit are:
  3. The basic conservative solution to welfare dependency is
  4. During the period between 1960 and 1968 the poverty rate
  5. The practice of usury
  6. During bibliological times charging interest was
  7. In economic terms, we pay rent only on
  8. For a usury law to be effective, it must set the interest rate ceiling
  9. An equal distribution of income would
  10. If you took out a payday loan, you could expect to pay an annual interest rate of
  11. When the demand for a plot of land rises,
  12. As interest rates rise
  13. About one out of every __ whites is poor.
  14. Plots of land are differentiated mainly with respect to
  15. If there were no inflation, a dollar today would be worth
  16. Frank Knight
  17. An important attribute of rent overlooked by Henry George was its role as a ______ directing the most productive enterprises to the ______.
  18. The supply of land
  19. We can add to our stock of ___ by means of a flow of ____.
  20. All the people employed at a just above the minimum wage; could be considered the
  21. Rent
  22. The typical welfare family consists of a ___ and ___.
  23. Rents are high because prices are
  24. The ___ program of President Lyndon Johnson was designed to lift people out of poverty.
  25. If income were distributed equally our economic
  26. In a demand and supply graph for land, supply is represent ed by a(n)
  27. Women working full time now earn ___% of what men earn.
  28. Capital
  29. The horizontal dotted line is
  30. Compared to their levels in 2003, the poverty line has ___ the minimum hourly wage has ___.
  31. Doctors earn more than people in other professions basically because
  32. These lenders avoid using the term "interest," but their borrows still do pay a change for borrowing money. This would be considered ___ lending.
  33. How _____ is used depends on its location, its fertility, and whether is posses any valuable minerals.
  34. Most social scientists define the poor as being the lowest ___ percent of our income recipients.
  35. Economists treat profits as a ____ left to the entrepreneur after ___ ___ and _____ have been paid.
  36. To keep a family of four at the poverty line a person working a 40 hour week would earn about
  37. In the Middle Ages the taking of interest was forbidden to
  38. The only means available to increase capital stock is through
  39. The demand for land is derived from
  40. Economic Rent
  41. Usury Laws leads to a
  42. The Darity - Myers thesis is an attempt to explain
  43. The supply of land is
  44. The supply of land is perfectly
  45. The largest gov't program aimed exclusively at helping the poor is
  46. A dollar today is worth
  47. Usury Laws are a form of price
  48. There are at least a dozen theories of poverty, and each has
  49. The rent on marginal land is
  50. The amount of land in the world is virtually
  51. The rent on a particular piece of land is based on
  52. Earning large salaries
  53. The basic liberal solution to welfare dependency is
  54. In 2008 more of the Fortune 500 earned a profit
  55. Rent is high because
  56. Land is most efficiently used in
  57. Usury
  58. The main thing Henry George advocated was a
  59. If income were equally distributed, a nation's Lovenz Curve would be identical to the
  60. True
  61. If the interest rate falls, the present value of future dollars will
  62. With the usury law in effect there is a ___ of ____ billion.
  63. If the interest rate rises, the present value of future dollars will
  64. If there were no usury law, the intent rate would be
  65. The present value of a dollar declines as
  66. The formula for ____ is (1/1 rate of interest) to powers of number of periods.
  67. Virtually all payday lenders
  68. In general, the riskier the investment the
  69. Karl Marx
  70. One child in __ lives in poverty.
  71. If the interest rate were 7 percent, $100 today would be worth ___ in dollars you will have one year from now.
  1. a the interest rate rises and the number of years you wait for your money rises.
  2. b is not a major source of great wealth.
  3. c location.
  4. d 24 percent.
  5. e rise.
  6. f its price will rise.
  7. g cities.
  8. h a reward for innovations, a reward for the risk taking, monopoly, profit and exploitation of labor.
  9. i Both the owners of land and labor can earn an economic rent.
  10. j Great Society (war on poverty)
  11. k perfectly inelastic.
  12. l forcing people off welfare.
  13. m shortage of loanable funds.
  14. n gone up, gone up
  15. o high.
  16. p black poverty.
  17. q working poor.
  18. r present value of a dollar
  19. s single tax on rent.
  20. t higher the profit.
  21. u 6
  22. v than lost money.
  23. w line of perfect equality.
  24. x inelastic.
  25. y supply and demand.
  26. z the demand for the final product.
  27. aa more than a dollar received in the future.
  28. ab guidance mechanism, most desirable expensive land.
  29. ac the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  30. ad is legal in some states and illegal in others.
  31. ae said, "innovations do not remain isolated events, and are not evenly distributed in time, but on the contrary they tend to cluster, to come about in bunches, simply because some, and then most, firms follow in the wake of successful innovation."
  32. af less borrowing will be undertaken.
  33. ag is the excess payment to a resource above what is necessary to pay to secure it use.
  34. ah at least some apparent validity.
  35. ai demand is high or price of final product.
  36. aj fall.
  37. ak 20
  38. al they are in short supply relative to the demand for their services.
  39. am is fixed.
  40. an below the equilibrium.
  41. ao $11 an hour.
  42. ap $107
  43. aq efficiency and incentives would suffer.
  44. ar is the payment usually of an amount fixed by contract made by a tenant at specified intervals in return for the right to occupy or use the land of another.
  45. as investing.
  46. at operate illegally.
  47. au zero.
  48. av over 1000 percent.
  49. aw the land itself.
  50. ax shortage, $28
  51. ay is all means of production created by people.
  52. az 12
  53. ba 75
  54. bb government jobs.
  55. bc ceiling.
  56. bd vertical or perfectly inelastic line.
  57. be prohibited.
  58. bf Islamic
  59. bg fell sharply.
  60. bh the MRP schedule of the highest bidder.
  61. bi hurt both the work incentive and the incentive to save.
  62. bj residual, rent, interest, and wages.
  63. bk land
  64. bl more than a dollar in the future.
  65. bm fixed.
  66. bn Mother and oe or two children.
  67. bo Jews, Christens, and Muslims
  68. bp believes all profits are linked with uncertainty and risk.
  69. bq is the act or practice of lending money at an exorbitant or illegal rate of interest.
  70. br a price ceiling.
  71. bs capital, investment