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  1. Which agents are used to control inflammation, redness, and itching caused by allergic skin reactions?antiparasitics


  2. In the word gastropathy, the suffix -pathy means:above, upon


  3. The prefix para- means?same


  4. The letter combination ps at the beginning of a word (as in psychosis) is pronounced?"eye"


  5. Which of the following word elements is NOT a prefix of position?alopecia is also known as chloasma


  6. The combining form ungu/o means?dry


  7. Which term means before birth?prenatal


  8. Which term contains a prefix?circum-


  9. Which term means foul-smelling breath?halitosis


  10. Which agents are used to kill mites and lice?pre-


  11. A condition of stones in the common bile duct is called?ascites


  12. Which term means removal of a representative tissue sample for microscopic examination?prognosis


  13. The term alopecia means?baldness


  14. Which suffix means suture?pseudo-


  15. The combining form xer/o means?dry


  16. THe CF gastr/o means?stomach


  17. The combining form for fat is?cell


  18. The combing form trich/o means?hair


  19. Which laboratory test grows a colony of bacteria removed from an infected site and determines effective antibiotics for treatment?prognosis


  20. An ulcer that produces a hole in the stomach is known as what kind of ulcer?mono-


  21. The CF pneum/o or pneumon/o means?teeth


  22. The CF for joint is?blue


  23. Which prefix means false?circum-


  24. Which term means producing or associated with the generation of pus?prognosis


  25. Solidification of the lungs is called?consolidation


  26. What medication is administered to control heartburn and acid reflux?keratolytics


  27. Which term means abnormal fibrous band that binds tissues that are normally separated?adhesion


  28. In the word thermometer, meter is a(n):suffix


  29. The CF morph/o means?form, shape, structure


  30. The word eupepsia refers to?digestion


  31. Trichopathy is a disease of the?pseudo-


  32. Which of the following is a False statement?alopecia is also known as chloasma


  33. In macroglossia (large tongue), macro- is a:prefix


  34. When the blood supply to a herniated structure is cut off, the hernia is said to be?volvulus


  35. The suffix -emesis means?forming, producing, origin


  36. what is a life-threatening obstruction in which the bowel twists on itself?suppurative


  37. The prefix infra- means?below, under


  38. Surgical connection of two tubular structures is called?anastomosis


  39. the combining forms col/o and colon/o mean?colon


  40. What instrument is used to perfoem a lower GI endoscopy?macule


  41. The combining form idi/o means:unknown/peculiar


  42. The suffix -penia means?decrese, deficiency


  43. The combining form for fungus (plural fungi) is?teeth


  44. Which of the following is a TRUE statement?alopecia is also known as chloasma


  45. The suffix -magaly means?softening


  46. What is the medical term or a freckle?cervical


  47. An accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity is called?ascites


  48. The suffix -logist means?specialist in the study of


  49. Which is an example of a word root linking a suffix that begins with a vowel?consonant


  50. THe combining form cutane/o means?teeth


  51. What is the disorder that causes telescoping of the intestine?mono-


  52. Which of the following is a FALSE statement?pseudo-


  53. General lack of nutrition and wasting occuring in the course of a chronic disease is called?cachexia


  54. The CF chol/o means?bile, gall


  55. Which prefix means against?contra-


  56. What does the term congenital hernia mean?cervical


  57. To change word ending in y from a singular form to a plural form?steat/o


  58. Which procedure uses liquid nitrogen to destroy abnormal tissue, such as warts, tumors, or infected tissue?cryosurgery


  59. The combining form odont/o means?teeth


  60. The suffix -malacia means:softening


  61. Which element is commonly used for ease of pronounciation?idiopathic


  62. The term extracranial means?outside the caranium (skull)


  63. The prefix ultra- means?below, under


  64. A plantar wart is located?baldness


  65. The combining form cholecyst/o means?bile duct


  66. What is the term for the diagnostic procedure to examine the rectum and the anus?proctoscopy


  67. which term means surgical joining of two ducts or blood vessels to allow flow from one to the other?prognosis


  68. Oste/o/chondr/itis is an example of a:combining form


  69. Oste/o means bone. The word for surgical fracture of a bone is?oste/o/clasis


  70. The conbining form ichthy/o means?cell


  71. Which term means pertaining to a disease of unknown cause?nephr


  72. Which of the following suffixes is INCORRECTLY paired with its meaning?-edema/pain


  73. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is also known as?spastic colon


  74. What is a hereditary disorder that commonly affects the lungs?pressure ulcers


  75. The prefix uni-has the same meaning as the prefix:cells travel to remote regions of the body


  76. The suffix -cyte means?cell


  77. The prefix homo- means?under, below


  78. Febrile means?feverish


  79. Which of the following is defined by "an incision to remove a stone?"-rrhaphy/bursting forth (of)


  80. What medications relieves or prevents itching?antipruritics


  81. The CF cyan/o means?blue


  82. Which suffix means binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)?pre-


  83. The suffix -trophy means?digestion


  84. the prefix ad- means?toward


  85. A localized collection of pus at the site of infection is?morbid


  86. The suffix prandial means?decrese, deficiency


  87. Arthr/o is an example of a:without, not


  88. Which term means extreme sensitivity to sensory stimuli?prognosis


  89. The combining form poli/o means?gray


  90. The prefix peri- means?around


  91. the CF ventr/o means?excess, beyond


  92. An example of a neoplastic disorder is?cancer


  93. Inthe terms bronchi and fungi, the i is pronounced:"eye"


  94. The suffix -genesis means?forming, producing, origin


  95. A combining form(CF) is a word root plus a:vowel


  96. Difficult or painful swallowing is called?dysphagia


  97. The suffix -orexia means?appetite


  98. The suffix -pathy means?cell


  99. The CF or/o and stomat/o means?bile, gall


  100. Which term means prediction of the course of a disease?prognosis


  101. Which suffix means inflammation?-itis


  102. Which of the following words means "rapid breathing?"all medical words contain a prefix


  103. In the term epidermis, epi- means?baldness


  104. Which of the following terms in NOT utilizing a diminuitive suffix?atom


  105. The combing form onych/o means?hair


  106. The term metastasis means the tumor?baldness


  107. Damaged tissue following a severe burn is called?eschar


  108. Word endings are called:suffixes


  109. The suffix -pepsia means?vomiting


  110. Rhthmic contraction of a tubular organ to propel its contents is known as?idiopathic


  111. the prefix sub- means?under, below


  112. Which term refers to the neck?cervical


  113. Which elment is located at the beginning ofa mediccal word?pre-


  114. Which directional term refers to lying face sown on the abdomen?prone


  115. The prefix pan- means:without, not


  116. Protrusion of an organ throught the wall that normally contains it is called?hernia


  117. Which term means excessive sweating?hyperhidrosis


  118. The combining form cyt/o means?cell


  119. In cardi/o/centesis, cardi/o is a?combining form


  120. Which plane divides the body into front and back aspects?coronal


  121. The combining form choledoch/o means?bile duct


  122. The combining form pil/o means?gray


  123. Which prefix means before or in for of?prenatal


  124. Which medication is used to liquefy respiratory secretions so that they are more easily coughed up?expectorant


  125. Which plane divides the body into equal right and left halves?midsagittal


  126. Which element is a word root?nephr


  127. A collapsed or airless lung is called?atelectasis


  128. Skin is also called?a sign


  129. What medications destroy the outer layer of skin?antipruritics


  130. In the anatomical position, thebody is erect and the eyes are looking forward


  131. Define a medical word by first defining the:above, upon


  132. Which prefix means around?pseudo-


  133. The prefix an- means?through, across


  134. A CF is used to link a suffix that begins with a?consonant


  135. Antiemetics are prescribed to?control nausea and vomiting


  136. The combining form proct/o means?teeth


  137. The suffix -rrhea means?discharge, flow


  138. The combining form jaund/o means?hair


  139. The prefix dia- means?through, across


  140. Which of the following statements is FALSE?hair


  141. A pathological condition is also described asmorbid


  142. Which term means a visual examination of a body cavity or canal using a specialized lighted instrument?hyperesthesia


  143. A rash is an example ofcombining form


  144. What is the etiology of diabetes?metabolic


  145. Vowels marked with a macron(-) indicate a?long sound


  146. What is an occupational disorder commonly caused by inhaling dust particles?pneumoconiosis


  147. What is the term for bedsores?monocyte


  148. Which of the following suffixes is incorrectly paired with its meaning?When a word changes from singular to plural form, the word suffix is the part that changes.