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  • The part of the small intestine that connects with the stomach is the:


    Enlargement of the heart is called:


    3. What is the medical term for 'headache'?


    What is the medical term for excessive vomiting?


    What is the medical term for enlargement of the kidney?


    What is the definition for 'diathermy'?

    generating heat through tissues

    What is the term for 'low blood sugar'


    In the word hemoglobin, the component 'globin' means:


    Necroscopy refers to:


    How many bones are there in the body?


    The bones of the fingers are called:


    The term macroscopic refers to:

    the visual examination of an object with the naked eye

    The term postprandial refers to:

    following a meal

    An example of poikilocytosis is:

    a sickle cell

    Under the skin is a term meaning:


    Another name for myocardial infarction is:

    heart attack

    The opposite of medial is:


    The opposite of superficial is:


    The opposite of distal is:

    . proximal

    Transverse refers to:

    cutting trough

    The pituitary gland

    is the largest gland in the body

    The main upper chest muscle is:


    The bat-shaped bone that extends behind the eyes and forms part of the base of the skull is called the:

    sphenoid bone

    Facial bones that compose the massive upper jawbones are called:

    maxillary bones

    The largest gland in the human body is the:

    the liver

    The small sac attached to the underside of the liver and stores bile is called the:


    Insulin is secreted directly into the bloodstream by what organ?


    The serous membrane which lines the abdominal wall is called:


    The 'master' gland of the human body is called the:

    pituitary gland

    The hardest tissue of the body is:


    When focusing the microscope, one should begin with which objective?


    The lenses of the microscope should be cleaned with _____ to prevent scratching.

    lens paper

    The macroscopic examination of urine consists of

    observing the color and character

    When performing a microscopic urinalysis, red and white blood cells are reported per:


    When performing a red blood count, the number of cells counted is multiplied by:


    The most common bacteriology stain is:

    gram stain

    Of the bacteria listed below, which one would appear in grape-like clusters?


    Gram staining is done to determine:

    whether a bacteria is gram positive or gram negative

    Size of the needle is expressed by:

    gauge numbers

    The universal donor is blood type:


    Ultrasound is commonly

    given with electrical stimulation

    If a tube of blood is allowed to stand undisturbed, it will separate into:

    three major components

    A temperature controlled chamber into which inoculated media is placed so that bacterial growth will occur is called:

    a centrifuge

    Hemostats are a type of:


    Normal oral temperature is 98.6°F. The equivalent Celsius temperature is:


    A lift or heave is the rise of the ______ with each heartbeat:


    When performing a finger puncture, the first drop of blood should be:

    wiped away

    Intradermal injections are usually given:

    for allergy testing

    If a carotid pulse was taken, it would be taken at the:


    When you are asked to take a cervical x-ray, you would take the film of the:

    neck region

    When a small sample of tissue is taken from the body and sent to a clinical laboratory to be examined or studied it is called:


    The act of giving birth is called:


    The premature termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is able to exist on its own is referred to as:


    When applying a cast, the plaster:

    is applied over a stockinette

    Palpation is done by:

    feeling a part with the hand

    Which of the following is demonstrated when a patient's leg healed incorrectly because of the way the cast has been applied?

    Direct cause

    A license to practice medicine is:

    required by law in each state

    A medical assistant may give an injection:

    only on the orders of a physician

    An employee who is considered to be acting on the doctor's behalf while performing professional tasks is:

    respondent superior

    A physician reports a case of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) to the state. This is called:

    physician's public duty

    The olecranon is the process which forms the:


    The heart is made up of three layers:

    Epicardium, myocardium, endocardium

    The action of antihypertensive drugs is to:

    Reduce blood pressure

    incision into the chest wall is referred to as


    under the skin is referred to as


    acromegaly refers to

    enlargement of the atrium of the heart

    resection refers to

    cutting or removal of a portion of

    another term for subcutaneous injection is


    the statue of limitations for bringing malpractice suits varies from state to state but in most states it is difficult to initiate

    one year

    when performing a microscopic, the evaluation of each element present in the urinary sediment in based upon the

    average number found in 10 fields

    the term strata means

    several layers

    a patient in the prone position is lying

    face down

    the body is divided into front and back by which of the following planes


    tissues are composed of


    the area between the lungs that contain the heart, trachea, esophagus, and thymus gland is called


    the surgical breaking of bones is called


    which of the following are examples of plant derived drugs

    digitoxin and quinine

    which of the following are drugs derived from animal substances

    thyroid hormone and insulin

    which drug is derived from the mineral source

    potassium chloride

    the abbreviation for medication given four times a day is


    the abbreviation for every hour is


    the process by which drug molecules are transformed into simpler products is called


    which part of the prescription includes the name of the drug and the amount


    which part of the prescription includes the patients instructions


    what is the abbreviation for right eye


    what is the abbreviation for every other day


    what is the abbreviation for microgram


    the packed red blood cell volume is determined by

    preforming a hematocrit

    when doing a differential white blood cell count, the total number of cells counted is


    the time the film is allowed to remain in the six solution is

    twice as long as the developing time

    the normal pulse rate for children over the age of seven is

    80 and 90

    persons who are unable to pay for medical care or who have dependent children may apply for


    a fixed dollar amount the subscriber must pay or meet each year before the insurer begins to cover expenses


    dollar entries made on the left side of the ledger are called


    any checks received for the doctor should be immediately

    given a restrictive endorsement

    a patients financial account is referred to as

    ledger and ledger card

    blindness can result from a severe lack of

    vitamin A

    the vitamin that is necessary for the proper clotting of the blood is

    vitamin K

    which of the following are used for immediate fuel and are converted to glucose


    the recommended daily adult cholesterol intake is no more then


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