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  1. the major vein that drains the head and brain is called thecommon iliac


  2. the name for the collar bone isclavicle


  3. the major artery that supplies the kidney is called therenal artery


  4. the muscle that flexes and supinates the forearm is calledintercostal artery


  5. the patella is locatedin the head


  6. the metatarsals are locatedin the hand


  7. the femur is locatedin the leg


  8. located between the pharynx and trachea, and containing the vocal cords is thejugular vein


  9. the wind pipe which conducts air between the larynx and lungs is called thebronchi


  10. the mandible bone is locatedin the arm


  11. the study of bones is calledin the head


  12. The ulna is locatedin the leg


  13. the major artery that supplies the foot is called theintercostal artery


  14. the major artery that supplies the upper arm is called theintercostal artery


  15. the humerus is locatedin the leg


  16. sebaceous glands, skin, hair, and nailsintegumentary system


  17. one of the vital functions of the long bones is the formation of thered blood cells


  18. the major artery that supplies the abdomen is called therenal artery


  19. bones arein the leg


  20. located in the skulltemporal


  21. the tibia is locatedin the pelvis


  22. the smaller of the lower leg bones is calledfibula


  23. the radius is locatedin the arm


  24. inflammation of the sinus cavity is calledsinusitis


  25. heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vesselsin the hand


  26. the maxillais locatedin the knee


  27. lateral movement away from the median plane of the bodycarotid artery


  28. inflammation of the gallbladder is calledcholecystitis


  29. the divisions of the trachea which enter the lungs are called thebronchi


  30. inflammation of the nasal mucosa results inrhinitis


  31. a serious chronic disease of the liver is calledcirrhosis


  32. escape of fluid into the thoratic cavity is calledpleural effusion


  33. liver, stomach, mouth, and pancreasfive senses


  34. bladder,urethra, kidneys, and uretersurinary system


  35. the vertebrae are locatedin the foot


  36. the major vein that drains the pelvic is calledbrachial vein


  37. a condition of the nasal septum truning away from the midline is called ajejunum


  38. the major artery to the head is called thecarotid artery


  39. upper middle area of the abdomenhypogastric region


  40. the major artery that supplies the thorax is called theintercostal artery


  41. inflammmation of the mucus lining of the vagina is calledsinusitis


  42. lower middle area of the abdomenepigastric region


  43. the pubis is locatedin the leg


  44. inflammation of the pleura is calledgingivitis


  45. the medcial name for nose bleed is calledfibula


  46. the metacarpals are locatedin the hand


  47. an extrauterine pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum begins to develop outside the uterus is calledjugular vein


  48. bones of the wrist and ankle are calledin the foot


  49. whooping cough is another name forpertussis


  50. one of the arteries that supplies the hand and forearm is called theceliac artery


  51. the major artery that supplies the knee is called thepopliteal artery


  52. the majority of the bones in the arms and legs arelong bones


  53. tendons, joints, bones, and cartilagesskeletal system


  54. an accumulation of air in the pleural cavity after the lungs collapse is known assinusitis


  55. the point at which air enters the resiratory tract is called thenasal cavity


  56. the zygomatic bone is locatedin the head


  57. located on the tail bonesacrum


  58. ears, eyes, nose, mouth and fingersskeletal system


  59. the sphenoid bone is locatedin the head


  60. chronic inflammation ofthe colon is calledcolitis


  61. central middle area of the abdomenumbilical region


  62. trachea, nose, lungs, and pharynxrespiratory system


  63. inflammation of the pancreas is calledpancreatitis


  64. the second portion of the small intestine is called thejejunum


  65. the fibula is locatedin the pelvis


  66. inflammation of the appendix is calledpancreatitis


  67. dilated veins that occur in the rectum are know ascommon iliac


  68. lessions of the mucous membrane of the stomach are calledvaginitis


  69. the major vein that drains the upper arm is called thecommon iliac


  70. the science of the function of the bodyclavicle


  71. the mejor vein that drains the liver is called thebrachial vein


  72. a unilateral paralysis that follows damage to the brain is calledcirrhosis


  73. brain, nerves, and spinal cordnervous system


  74. inflammation of the gum is calledgingivitis


  75. the major vein that drains the kidneys is calledcommon iliac


  76. the major artery that supplies the bladder, rectum, and some reproductive organs is called theiliac artery