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  1. Nitroglycerine is used for
  2. A drug that causes urination is called
  3. A drug that causes the pupil of the eye to dilate is called
  4. when mixing reagents always read the label
  5. drops
  6. A drug taht reduces anxiety is called
  7. solution
  8. ointment
  9. Hydrocortisone is a drug used to suppress
  10. of the physician's desk reference is where a medical assistant would be able to locate a medication by brand or generic name.
  11. The physician has ordered 500 mg. of a medication the amount on hand is 250mg per tablet how many tablets will be given?
  12. both ears
  13. emulsion
  14. Medications can be located in the physician's drug reference under all of the following categories Except
  15. A drug used to control temperature is called
  16. The buccal method of administering a drug is done by
  17. A small adhesive patch or disc used for administration of drugs is called a
  18. elixir
  19. Physicians with a narcotic license are required to register on june 30 of each year with
  20. A drug that decreases congestion is called a
  21. syrup
  22. An inactive substance substituted in place of the actual drug to satisfy the patient is called
  23. Oxygen is ordered as percetage of oxygen concentration and its rate of delivery is written as
  24. Schedule I drugs include
  25. A drug used to relieve a cough is called a
  26. two times a day
  27. The physician has ordered 0.2 Gm of a medication. The amount on hand is 400 mg tabs. How many tablets will be given to the patient?
  28. A drug that causes dilation of blood vessels is called a
  29. tablet
  30. injection
  31. suppository
  32. The physician has odered 50mg of Demerol be given to a patient. The amount of hand is 100mg/ml. How many cc's of Demerol will be injected?
  33. intramuscular
  34. A drug that controls appetite is called
  35. What license must a physician have to dispense, prescribe, or administer controlled substances?
  36. fluid
  37. A drug used to prevent blood from clotting is called
  38. A drug that neutralizes acidity is called an
  39. A liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of an oil in water, such as castor oil, is called a
  40. A drug that produces sleep is called a
  41. Schedule IV drugs include
  42. tincture
  43. Right ear
  44. A date on a bottle of medication that provides a "use untill" date is the
  1. a gtt
  2. b diuretic
  3. c antitussive
  4. d AD
  5. e sol
  6. f treatment of angina pectoris
  7. g appetite suppressor
  8. h elix
  9. i liters per minute
  10. j syr
  11. k antipyretic
  12. l fl orfld
  13. m anticoagulant
  14. n oint, ung
  15. o substances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse
  16. p inflammation
  17. q outdate or expiation date
  18. r tranquilizer
  19. s placebo
  20. t twice
  21. u tab
  22. v minor tranquilizers and hypnotics that have a lesser potential for abuse
  23. w hypnotic
  24. x 2 tab
  25. y supp
  26. z IM
  27. aa placing the medication between the gum and cheek
  28. ab bid
  29. ac AU
  30. ad transdermal system
  31. ae emul
  32. af 0.5 cc because mg/ml/cc equal the same amount
  33. ag emulsion
  34. ah inj
  35. ai the pink pages
  36. aj composition
  37. ak antiacid
  38. al drug enforcement Agency
  39. am narcotics
  40. an decongestant
  41. ao 0.5 because 0.2 equals 200 mg
  42. ap mydriatic
  43. aq tinc
  44. ar vasodilator