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  1. Pertaining to kidneys
  2. Tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
  3. Stone
  4. Inflammation of the glomerulus
  5. Inflammation of the bladder
  6. Swelling of one or both kidneys
  7. Blood in the urine

  8. Scanty urination ( few, little)

  9. Intravenous pyelography

  10. Albumin (protein) in the urine

  11. Visual examination of the urinary bladder using a cystoscope
  12. Urination

  13. Narrowing
  14. Stone

  15. Painful urination
  16. Functional unit of the kidneys

  17. Pertaining to glomerulus
  18. Presence of protein in the urine

  19. organ that stores urine
  20. Urinary tract infection

  21. Urinary bladder

  22. Urinalysis
  23. Increased excretion of urine

  24. pain in the urinary bladder
  25. Kidney disease

  26. inflammation of the renal pelvis

  27. Is passage of a sterile tube (through the urethra) into the bladder.

  28. Acute pain in kidney area caused by blockage due to stones
  29. Specialist in kidney disorder

  30. Pertaining to kidneys
  31. Inflammation of the kidneys

  32. Tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  33. Prostate specific antigen

  34. Absence of Urine
  35. Presence of glucose or sugar in the urine

  36. Kidney Ureters Bladder

  37. Bladder
  38. Abnormal band of tissue narrowing a body passage

  39. Kidney stones

  40. Excessive urination
  41. Excessive fluid in the body

  42. Pertaining to renal pelvis

  43. Blood Urea Nitrogen

  44. Inability to control the flow of urine