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  1. CoagulationClotting


  2. PPBSPostprandial blood sugar ( done after eating)


  3. hemoglobinIron containing pigment in RBC's (carriers oxygen)


  4. Sickle cell anemiaGenetic disorder due to abnormal hemoglobin S.


  5. PlateletA sharp instrument used to obtain capillary blood sample.


  6. leukopeniaDecrease in WBC count


  7. PolycythemiaCell required for clotting


  8. PTTPartial thromboplastin times (clotting time)


  9. lancetCell required for clotting


  10. PKUPacked Cell Volume


  11. LeukocytosisIncrease in WBC's


  12. ESRErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ( non-specific test)


  13. HemolysisBreakdown of RBC's


  14. CentrifugeInstrument used to spin a sample


  15. ThrombocytopeniaPlatelet


  16. SpecimenA sample (ex. Urine, blood, tissue, pus, throat swab)


  17. occulthidden, obscure, not easily visible


  18. HCGHUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN ( hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy)


  19. AnemiaLack of hemoglobin or decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of the blood


  20. CBCQuality control


  21. QCQuality control


  22. GTTPartial thromboplastin times (clotting time)


  23. BxComplete blood count


  24. Culturehidden, obscure, not easily visible


  25. HematocritBreakdown of RBC's


  26. SPTSkin Prick Test


  27. F.B.S/FBSPostprandial blood sugar ( done after eating)


  28. agglutinationClumping together of cells


  29. ReagentA substance involved in a chemical reaction


  30. Prothrombin TimeClotting time


  31. SerumErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ( non-specific test)


  32. Pernicious anemiaAnemia produced due to lack of vitamin B12


  33. PCVPacked Cell Volume


  34. HPF/hpfHigh power field (microscope)


  35. Mantoux testIntradermal TB test


  36. ErythrocytePlatelet


  37. ciseCut


  38. Aplastic AnemiaAnemia produced due to lack of vitamin B12


  39. DCDifferential count ( different types of WBC's)


  40. Hct/HCTHigh power field (microscope)


  41. ThrombocyteDecrease in platelet count