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  1. Quality control
  2. Instrument used to spin a sample
  3. Increase in WBC's
  4. HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN ( hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy)
  5. Complete blood count
  6. Genetic disorder due to abnormal hemoglobin S.
  7. Red blood cells ( RBC )
  8. Hematocrit
  9. Partial thromboplastin times (clotting time)
  10. Breakdown of RBC's
  11. Skin Prick Test
  12. Biopsy
  13. Clotting time
  14. Differential count ( different types of WBC's)
  15. Increase in RBC count
  16. Iron containing pigment in RBC's (carriers oxygen)
  17. Fasting blood sugar
  18. Anemia caused due to bone marrow failure to produce all cells including RBC's
  19. Clumping together of cells
  20. Ratio of the volume of packed red blood cells to that of whole blood.
  21. A sharp instrument used to obtain capillary blood sample.
  22. Methods of growing microorganisms from a sample.
  23. Glucose Tolerance Test ( used in diagnosis of diabetes and hypoglycemia 3hrs test)
  24. Packed Cell Volume
  25. Phenylketonuria ( heel puncture done in babies)
  26. Anemia produced due to lack of vitamin B12
  27. Plasma with the clotting Factors removed
  28. Clotting
  29. Postprandial blood sugar ( done after eating)
  30. Platelet
  31. Decrease in WBC count
  32. Cut
  33. Cell required for clotting
  34. hidden, obscure, not easily visible
  35. A sample (ex. Urine, blood, tissue, pus, throat swab)
  36. Intradermal TB test
  37. Decrease in platelet count
  38. High power field (microscope)
  39. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ( non-specific test)
  40. Lack of hemoglobin or decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
  41. A substance involved in a chemical reaction