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  1. Fluid filled sac found around joints (help to reduce friction)
  2. Bone of the upper arm
  3. Breast bone
  4. Muscle at the back of the thigh
  5. Shoulder blade
  6. Collar bone
  7. Bone of the forearms on the thumb side (lateral)
  8. Turning the palm backward
  9. Muscle at the front of the thigh
  10. Cheek bone
  11. Hunchback
  12. Hip bones
  13. Smaller bone of the lower leg
  14. Injury to the muscle or tendon
  15. Injury to ligament (stretching or torn ligament)
  16. To bend a body part
  17. Lower most portion of the sternum
  18. Knee cap
  19. To straighten a body part
  20. Fibrous connective tissue that connects one bone to another
  21. Skull
  22. Bones of the ankle
  23. Tail bone
  24. Shin bone
  25. Lower jaw bone
  26. Bone of the forearms on the medial side
  27. Fibrous tissue connecting muscle to the bone
  28. Pertaining to cartilage
  29. Moving a body part towards the midline
  30. Pertaining to ribs
  31. Related to joint
  32. Decrease in size or wasting
  33. Bones of the fingers and toes
  34. Abnormal softening
  35. Range of motion
  36. Thigh bone (longest bone in the body)
  37. Turning the palm forwards (like a soup bowl)
  38. Moving a body part away from the midline
  39. Bones of the hand
  40. Bones of the wrist
  41. Bones of the foot
  42. Related to bone
  43. Upper jaw bone
  44. Abnormal shortening of a muscle