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  1. Inflammation of the pleura
  2. Lid like structure that closes the windpipe
  3. Electrocardiogram
  4. Nose bleed
  5. Normal breathing
  6. Breathe
  7. Fast breathing
  8. Whopping cough
  9. Inflammation of the bronchial walls.
  10. Bluish discoloration of the skin
  11. Wind pipe
  12. Act of taking in the air
  13. Accumulation of air in the pleural cavity
  14. Way of delivering medication by inhalation
  15. Slow breathing
  16. Escape of fluid into the thoracic cavity
  17. Inflammation / infection of the lungs
  18. 24 hour ECG
  19. Suffocation (can be caused by choking, drowning)
  20. Absence of breathing
  21. Air or lungs
  22. Natural pacemaker of the heart
  23. Chest
  24. Used to shock the heart back into normal rhythm
  25. Accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity
  26. Pertaining to blood vessels (including lymphatics)
  27. Voice box
  28. Lack of oxygen
  29. Creating an opening in the trachea
  30. Air sac/s in the lungs where exchange of gases occurs
  31. Unwanted activity on ECG
  32. Difficulty breathing
  33. Ultrasound of the heart
  34. Muscle of breathing
  35. Coughing blood
  36. Pertaining to nose
  37. Inflammation of the nasal mucous
  38. Membrane covering the lungs
  39. Membrane surrounding the heart
  40. Act of breathing out